New Nitro Prices in Poland


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  • Iris

    I completely agree. I find the new pricing ridiculous for two reasons:

    1) The whole point of introducing Nitro Basic was that it was supposed to be cheaper than Classic however in Poland we instead got a 40% price increase

    2) The new pricing for normal Nitro at the current exchange rate is almost 11 USD! Why are we paying more than the USA pricing?

    Discord boasted regional pricing only to disregard it completely a year later. The median salary in the USA is more than 4 times the median salary in Poland, yet the Polish pricing does not reflect that at all anymore.

  • OlsonBolson


  • iOshawott

    I agree, The change is hilarious, I will never ever buy nitro if situation will stay unchanged. Those prices are scam, it's cheaper to pay in USD!

  • Remix

    That's a bad move Discord

  • mufaro

    Indeed, the prices are hilarious. At least the old subscribers have the old prices, but still this isnt fair compared to the new nitro users.


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