My account has been falsely disabled


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  • Ayebrows

    I remember 3-4 years ago, my requests were always responded by actual humans. Now it's just this stupid Clyde being a stupid bot instead of genuinely verifying the requests. AI's taking over humans was a huge mistake and Discord is proof for it.

  • lia

    My account was falsely disabled last week. I did not receive an email on what part of the TOS I violated. I’ve tried so many times to get re-activated but I keep getting denied by a bot. Speaking with a real discord staff member would be awesome. I administrate a server with 160k+ members and I would not be taking part in illegal actions or purposely violating the TOS. I would like to be re-activated as soon as possible.

  • Ayebrows

    Exactly! The bot denying our issues without any checking is so stupid, losing an important account because of such a thing is really baffling.

  • lia

    It’s quite frustrating. This has happened to two of my other friends. The exact same thing. We never received and email.

  • Umbrallegendn

    I'm literally waiting for mine to be responded to. Its been 9 damn hours without a single response. Mine was due to a mistunderstanding on a chargeback. No frigin response from them after the issue was remedied on my end..

  • Pinezka

    Same here.

    Two days ago my account was disabled with the reasoning being "From your account, another user's private or personal information was maliciously shared or participated in."

    Dear Support Team... I didn't do anything you accuse me of. 

    I've sent an appeal, only to get a reply from Clyde that they won't reinstate my account.

    I've sent a message on Twitter, but got no answer.

    No matter what you do, you only get a reply from a bot. It feels like Discord genuinely doesn't care about its users, considering getting an actual human reply is a chance once in a million.


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