Setting to prevent new server members from seeing old messages


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  • rosie

    this already exists?

  • rosie

    heres what the permission is called lol

  • Aejis Geist

    That is absolutely not what I'm talking about.

    That setting means that every member, all the time, only sees messages in a specific channel *when they are online*

    If you're set to "away" when people are talking in that channel, or if you're just *looking in a different channel*, you won't see any replies - only posts made *while you are online and focused on this channel* (literally what it says in your screenshot!)


    You're in a channel, chatting. You click into a different channel to post. You come back to the first channel = you don't see any of the posts made while you were looking at the second channel. I can only think of extremely niche reasons this even exists, but hey, they had the time to put this in!


    The setting requested:

    NEW members, just joining a server, only see messages posted after the time they join, not the ENTIRE HISTORY OF THE SERVER.

    You made a very confident, very wrong reply.

    Read better next time.

  • Aejis Geist

    Also you only joined here to defend the name change topic which isn't even the issue of this thread, you're a bad faith troll being purposely obtuse and down voting people's criticisms.

    Meanwhile I've never had discord be responsive to anything I've raised, not even a stupid canned corporate-speak template "we understand your concerns" type reply. Even EIon's stupid a** drops a "looking into it" sometimes.

    Back specifically to the issue:

    Quite literally I've asked for what the *default* is at *every* other chat program ever, from way back in the heydays of IRC, AOL chatrooms, to iqc, Skype etc.

    What is even the point of this support forum?

  • jessknitz


    I would love to see this implemented. Being able to see every message sent ever, by default (as a new server member), always struck me as weird.

    The one exception I could see for this are channels like announcements, news, and other important stuff where the post date is less relevant, but I support the concept/implementation as a whole.
























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