Let me let blocked users react to my posts!


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  • squeegily#7499

    Yes, there is the concern of the reacts being abused for harassment, which is why I think it should be optional, at the blocker's choice.

    (Setting aside the fact that the moderators of a server are supposed to stop harassment, themselves…)

  • squeegily#7499

    Actually, this is also an infosec vulnerability! If you block someone, they should not be able to tell.

    Valve's Steam understands this: there is no way for a Steam stalker to tell if you blocked them or are just really good at ignoring them. But if they try to react to one of your messages, they get a bizarre notice that you've blocked them!

  • DaBeeZy

    I understand the issue to be more with my own mentality.  Outside of that I still think adding this option would be an overall improvement for this app.

    The only place I block users is on large 1000+ servers where some people will act within community rules but still just act in a way that is off-putting to me and the volume of posts is just frustrating to have to scroll through as some people are not very concise with their posting or just feel like they have to respond to every single message without contributing to conversation. 

    I have over-explained that I really don't have a problem with the people its just I like the ability to collapse messages and blocking is the only way I can do so.

    Adding an option to allow blocked users to react to my posts would immensely help my anxiety of having to go through that explanation every time I post something and then see a few people complaining that they can't react to my message. 

    I know this is a mental issue on my part but adding the option to allow reacts from all users would be a great help to the app overall since I am sure there are others out there who use this type of approach to large communities.

  • 200Ethan

    I just wanted to bump this suggestion with my own solution that solves the infosec issue, and the potential annoyance that is blocked users reacting to your messages. The idea is simple. Let everyone react to everyone else's messages, whether or not they're blocked, but simply don't count message reactions from users you've blocked.

    For example: If someone I have blocked reacts to my message, they should be able to so that everyone else can see the reaction, but I cannot. If multiple blocked and unblocked users react to my message, I should only be able to see the number of reactions from users I have not blocked (if any).

    I think this is a completely reasonable and feasible solution, and hope that this or something similar to address both issues is implemented soon.


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