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  • im having the same issue

  • steakbaby

    I'm also having the same issue. I'm getting notifications from all my other apps just fine, so I know this is just Discord


    I'm suddenly getting notifications again. I didn't change anything, they just decided that they wanted to pop up again now

  • Lieutenant Lobster

    Same here

  • vikingunicorn

    I'm having the same issue on Android since the update-— no notifications of any kind.
    I've tried:
    • setting my status to online instead of idle (althouhh this never made an issue)
    •tweaking all notification settings on my system, including allowing app overlay and adding Discord to the list of apps that can ignore "Do Not Disturb" mode
    • clearing cache and clearing app data
    • uninstalling and reinstalling the app
    • rebooting the device
    • signing out of Discord on my PC (although it is always in sleep mode and therefore the program should not be active.)
    • restarting my device in recovery mode and clearing the cache partition

    Nothing has worked to restore notifications and I have remember to manually return to the app to check for messages in order to see any. In the last 32 hours I've also missed 3 separate calls.


    Same. I have notifications enabled through Discord’s settings and iOS settings with banners, badges, Lock Screen, and Notification Center all turned on, but only the badge notification works.

  • ⏚⟒⋏

    same here i’m not getting any sort of notifications and it’s starting to get on my last nerve. please discord fix this.

  • skylar

    yeah- i havent been getting notifications anymore and ive checked that theyre turned on

  • grace🧋

    yeah me too- I’ve tried everything possible. Checked my notif settings, deleted and reinstalled the app, turned my phone off. Even turned off notifs then deleted the app then turned my phone off then turned everything back on. Please fix this discord

  • 4
  • Ghostscript

    Same. No notifications received since the last few hours.

  • Vision

    same here

  • Älexander

    I'm also not receiving notifications. My boyfriend is however which is strange considering he's also using mobile. It's good to know Imnot the only one with this problem.

  • Danielle

    Yes please fix this! Mine have stopped working as well!

  • DragonLorde327

    Ok I'm kind of glad to know it's not just me. Cause I'm not getting even @ messages or dms

  • homophxbia

    same, i’ve tried everything i can think of and nothing is working

  • ⚡🌈 Kat 🌈⚡

    after hours of trying to fix this myself from reinstalling the app to making different accounts, relieved to know its not just on my end. fr thought i broke my discord lmao. its frustrating af :/ discord fix your app 💔

  • DaisieDayDay🌷🌺

    I have tried everything as well and also cannot get notification I use to get sound alerts and stuff from discord but after this update everything is not working...

  • ZayaWaya

    Im glad its not my device cus youtube and a bunch of other apps work too but ever since the update not even @role messages give me push notifications despite me having the settings all on they need to patch this

  • Pro V2

    Same things happened to me, I thought it was only my device because it had been bugging but no, it is discord alone and won’t work show up either way.

  • Avie

    Same thing happening to me

  • ловкий плут

    Same here

  • Faeytful

    Been struggling with this all day no matter what I do! I'm glad it's not a me thing but it REALLY needs to be fixed because I'm sure a significant population of Discord is on mobile.

  • Deb

    Same here

  • 누리

    Same here.

    Plz fix it... ASAP

  • Offline_User

    I'm also having this issue, and I haven't even updated yet.

    Android 10

    Discord app version 69.0 (1505)

    I'm no longer receiving push notifications from discord, have attempted restarting my phone, re-logging in, etc.

    It seems this issue may be server-side, rather than in the app itself? As I'm even getting this issue without having updated.

  • Calypso - Darcy

    I haven't received any push notifications since at least early yesterday afternoon. I have tried all the usual way to fix that everyone else has mentioned. Please fix this. It is annoying having to constantly check the app.

  • tina

    Currently having the same problem. After restarting my phone, turning off notifs & restarting, reinstalling discord, the notifications still do not work.

  • camden 3504

    Having the same issues on both my devices. Have tried all the usual trouble shooting methods..still nothing...

    Still getting notifications from other apps so it’s definitely only discord

  • Antoo

    I'm having the same issue and it is kinda problematic

  • TheLazySunshine

    I stopped getting notifications yesterday afternoon, even @'s. I spent hours trying to figure out what was wrong and nothing worked. Please fix this.


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