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  • Dregon Azure

    It's so much more a hassle now to share pics. Honestly thinking of uninstalling and try using an older version if possible.

  • Super Pixle Man

    A lot of the changes were "eh, I'll adjust, it's not a big deal".

    Nah. Not this one. This one might be a deal breaker for me. My version of Android doesn't believe in dark themes, so when I try to share an image, I get a flashbang. And then there's the weird sorting system it has. Nope. Don't like it. Let me choose to use my Gallery app instead of forcing me to use Google's file manager.

  • KawaiiGirlXoXo

    I don't really have these problems unless its android specific and not iPhone as well

  • Charlotte

    Yeah, this is absolutely ridiculous. Sending specific images from my massive collection is now pointlessly difficult. I can see no reason why this change was made aside from making things more difficult.

  • naz-hk

    hard agree with everything above. literally no good reason for this change, gonna significantly cut my mobile discord usage because of this

  • kyoshiro

    yes please omg, i've been okay with every change & update discord has decided to push but this is one that was literally just not needed. for people who send lots of images, it's just a huge pain now

  • James™

    Has there been any indication from the devs they will bring back the ability to use the gallery app on Android? I just setup a new phone and got stuck with this build, it's incredibly cumbersome using the Android file manager just to send a few pictures.


    A side note, who even asked for this change in the first place?

  • Genxun

    Baffling change, this is just making image sharing more of a hassle. Nothing was wrong with the way it worked before. This is a negative change to user convenience. Revert it please.


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