Discord mobile on Samsung not allowing for photo imput from gallery app


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  • PlAgUe-DoG

    Yeah its pretty annoying, I hate this update. The update is stinky belongs in the garbage

  • Shikireiz

    I agree, it's harder to find the photos you want to post especially old ones with this new update please fix

  • Gobs

    This is a frustrating change.  I strongly prefer the way it was before instead of the horrible new menu.

  • ratatoing pretzel

    I don't usually comment on this stuff but I despise this update. Really hope they make it reversible.

  • born to queso

    incredibly annoying update, makes the gallery option unusable.

  • Jun Usaneko

    Yes please fix this. I don't like the new update at all, I wanna send pics through my gallery. I want the options to choose back please.

  • Exoterminator

    Please revert this decision. It has made uploading anything a nightmare at best.

  • an argon (1)

    im having the same problem! i really hope this isn't intentional, the files app sucks compared to the gallery app

  • skylar

    PLEASE its basically impossible to send pictures i didnt recently take/save with how inaccessible and difficult to navigate my files is. files is for files, not for sending photos. please do something about this

  • Dr. Junjun

    Another user chiming in, same issue and basically makes image uploading pointless and broken unless if was something you downloaded/took recently. I am not going to sift through hundreds of thousands of photos on the crap file browser you are forcing us to use that takes up a ton of screen space with it's previews and no file organization and is missing a ton file extensions.

  • Neru💙💜

    It's unnecessarily difficult without being able to use the gallery app. It's not normal to always name your photos, and constantly searching the names of each photo you want to send is just too much difficultly than it's worth. 


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