Discord Mobile No Longer Can Select Gallery App


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  • quanty27

    I'm also having this problem! Which is very annoying as an artist and sharing art in servers!

  • skylar

    having this problem too- please do something about it asap!

  • Trekkie

    I am having this issue as well. Absolutely begging for you to fix this. All of the organization I've worked so hard on is ruined and I've become barely able to send pictures.

  • Chiquillo

    Wife was having same problem, while attempting to troubleshoot, I realized that my phone still had the previous version of Discord. After updating discord to latest version, I began having the same problem as her. We are no longer able to send images using the app of our choice and are locked into using the file manager on android.

  • wishing-daydream

    I don't have a Samsung, but the same issue is happening to me with my Pixel/google photos app.

  • mrchibirobin

    Likewise, goes straight to the files app. I don't like uploading from the gallery app itself so please fix this.

  • NDJoJo

    My phone just started doing this as well, the file app doesn't even have all my old pictures so I can't send anything even remotely old. Why does the app constantly seem to go backwards in progress? Please fix this because it borderline breaks the app.


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