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  • VethrenMerch

    I've been having the exact same problem! My friend and I aren't getting notifications on mobile. I don't think it's because you bought Nitro.

  • barbarianelfqueen

    Same exact problem!!! I have an IPhone 12Pro.


  • Shark Mom Om Nom

    Same issues with Samsung S20, doesn't matter if it's a dm, ping,or general channel notifications. Have tried disabling/renabling notifications both in discord and android settings, uninstalling the app, clearing the app cache and data, logging in/out and all that jazz with no luck. Very aggravating.

  • Jazlyncipher

    I’m having the same issues with my notifications not showing up, it’s been like this ever since the new update came out, I’ve tryed everything to fix it and it is really frustrating. Is there a way that it can get fixed, please?

  • bunnie3

    Same, I noticed someone said it was an issue with nitro? I do happen to have nitro so maybe they’re right. (Edit:nm I didn’t buy nitro the day it stopped) I am on an IPhone X ios 14.5. Nobody else I know is having these issues? Is it a UK issue?

  • Jazlyncipher

    What’s werid is I don’t have the nitro, and I don’t know I’m not getting notifications?

  • Cinder

    Discord's Twitter account has acknowledged there's an issue and they're working on fixing it. All we can do at this point is wait, regardless of how annoying it is.

  • superman

    wait... is it when you bought nitro or redeemed one of the codes from their birthday, and they were giving free nitro

  • Cyber

    While they're at it, could they fix the "Push Notifications Inactivity Timeout" setting to allow us to receive notifications on both desktop and mobile at all times and not at a minimum after 1 minute of activity? Seriously, who thought it was a good choice to not allow notifications on all devices all the time?


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