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  • turkwr

    Hello Jo,
    I would like to announce that this feature is currently experimental. I hope it will be available for everyone in the near future.

    Best regards,

  • donovanc

    To switch accounts on a mobile app, the specific steps may vary depending on the app you're using and the platform (iOS or Android). However, I can provide you with general instructions that should work for most apps:

    Open the App: Launch the mobile app for which you want to switch accounts.

    Access Account Settings: Typically, you'll find the account-switching option in the app's settings or profile section. Look for an icon that represents a user, a profile picture, or your current account name.

    Navigate to Account Settings: Tap on the profile or user icon, and it should take you to your current account's profile page or settings.

    Switch Account: Look for an option like "Switch Account," "Add Account," or "Log Out." This is where you can add a new account or switch between existing accounts.

    Add or Select Another Account: If you want to add a new account, you'll likely have to provide login credentials (username and password) for the additional account. If you want to switch between existing accounts, select the account you want to switch to from the list of accounts associated with the app.

    Confirm: Some apps may ask you to confirm your choice, especially if you're logging out of your current account. Confirm that you want to switch to the selected account.

    Use the New Account: Once you've switched accounts, you should now be using the selected account within the app.

    Please note that not all apps support multiple account switching, and the exact steps may vary. If you have a specific app in mind, you may want to refer to the app's help or support documentation for detailed instructions on how to switch accounts within that particular app.

    Keep in mind that for security reasons, it's important to log out of an account when you're done using it, especially if you're using a shared device or a device you don't own. This prevents unauthorized access to your accounts.

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