When nearly every post in the forum is about how awful the new mobile UI is should you not rethink your choices?


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  • Léa games

    Je suis entièrement d'accord !

  • egg_miat

    Discord please give us the option to swap back to the old UI most of your mobile users do not like this UI change including me I stuck with the UI on my alt for a bit and I still dont like it and then my main account got the new UI please just give us the option to swap to the old UI most of your mobile users prefer it anyway and it isn’t a get used to it thing either.

  • KingKuma

    HERE HERE! I want to revert!

  • Maya

    For those of you who want to revert, do it! It's possible - at least on Android. 

  • donovanc

    When a significant portion of user feedback on forums or social media is negative, especially concerning a new mobile user interface (UI) update, it's a clear signal that the changes may not be meeting the needs or expectations of the user base.

    Regards: Junk removal housten

  • Morag Hannah

    Maya above: how?? 

    I'm on Android and until recently was using a workaround to stay on the old style but that has now been patched. If you know a way to go back to the old style please tell us!!! 

  • donovanc

    UI is a type of user interface that enables users to control and customize their display independent of an app.

    Regards: Fapellet

  • Maya

    @Morag Hannah I dis abled auto matic up dates in Google Play, del eted and installed D version 126.21 from AP K M irror. It's the version before D switched to lazy Reac t N ative one. Hash comm ands for b ots don't work but everything else is perfect. Worthwhile tradeoff IMHO. Spaces to avoid c ensors.


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