Polls need ability for tags within the title of the poll.


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  • Adword Brain

    Polls with labels!

    Add labels to your poll titles to help people find them easier.

    Think of them like little categories (funny, music, etc.).

    Clicking these labels might even take you to other related discussions!

    Platforms might show these labels clearly and let you search by them.

  • David Brain

    You're absolutely right, the ability to add tags to poll titles would be a valuable feature! Here's why it would be beneficial:

    Improved discoverability: Tags help categorize polls, making them easier to find for users interested in specific topics.

    Context and filtering: Users can quickly understand the poll's subject matter with relevant tags.

    Cross-promotion: Tags can act as links to other channels (e.g., forum threads, social media discussions) related to the poll.

    Here are some potential ways to implement tags in polls:

    Dedicated tag field: A separate field during poll creation allows users to add relevant tags.

    Hashtag support: Allow users to include hashtags within the title itself (e.g., #Marketing #SocialMedia).

    Automatic tagging: The system might suggest tags based on keywords in the poll title and options.

    For linking to other channels, a couple of options exist:

    Clickable tags: Users can click on a tag to be directed to the linked resource (e.g., forum-thread).
    Description field: Include a dedicated description field where users can provide the link and context for external resources.


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