New display of server roles


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  • Sam7sam

     I agree with this change beeing a bad one, either add setting to switch between old and new user profile, or revert back to old one. Iam only one in my friend group having this design, and when they saw it everyone hated it :D I mean, not seeing user notes and their roles on first click is a big limitation at least for me while managing some servers, seeing their bio would be a good thing as well. 

  • RegalWindstar

    Seconding this, 

    Though solution wise adding onto your suggestions: I would honestly have preferred to see it in a scroll bar system (maybe if we press the + and it returns to the old view it could be a scroll bar) just because as a server moderator for multiple servers, its hard to see what roles someone has at a quick glance so unless I open discord on two devices or two browser tabs its hard to work with like this.


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