Feature Suggestion - Role Separators


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  • ghost_dev

    My dear friend charge,

    As an old timer and as a developer I would like this feature to be added it would make discord users and server  administrator's work a lot easier 

    So please discord make a favour 

    Best regards,

    Ghost Developer 

  • charge_dev

    pls upvote we need this featuree

  • Diego Ibañez

    We really need this feature on Discord.

    It will be really helpful for the reasons charge said.

    Upvote this so we can reach Discord!

  • ShadowWilson

    I really want this feature.. 

    I hope it will change and will be helpful. 

    -Shadow Wilson<3

  • Thomas

    yes please all upvote for the good od everyone

  • Thomas

    Hi There, got an update on this?

    I was also actually wondering is we should make a seperate request to have have an feature request to put empty server links as server  in th left server column, i known they can be mapped, but catagorys would be more buseniss minded.


  • jameel

    please discord add retro freak to discord https://cybergadget.co.jp/retrofreak/en.html ?

  • BuenaGente

    I agree.

  • richerd bond

    Role separators could enhance user management by clearly delineating different roles within the system or application interface.

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