Cool down for moderating whenever a moderator /admin's 2FA is turned out


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  • clane

    How do I disable the 2FA requirement for moderation on Discord?

  • Attia Embarek

    clane within server settings>safety setup>permissions
    but if you do disable it, you won't be able to be on the discovery since it is required, and you will be at risk of getting your server harmed 

  • hennery

    This suggestion introduces a valuable security measure to protect against server raids and nukes by adding a cooldown period for moderation privileges after disabling 2FA. Here are some thoughts on the idea:

    Implementing a 2-week cooldown period for moderators and admins who disable their 2FA is an excellent way to enhance server security. This measure effectively mitigates the risk of a hacked account being used to cause significant damage, as it provides a substantial window for other staff members to be alerted and take necessary actions. The cooldown period ensures that even if a hacker gains access and disables 2FA, they cannot immediately wreak havoc.

    However, there are some considerations to address:

    1. Verification Process: Ensuring a smooth and reliable process for server owners to verify moderators/admins who disable 2FA will be crucial. This verification should be robust yet efficient to avoid prolonged downtime for legitimate users.
    2. Communication and Policy: Clear communication and documentation regarding this policy will be necessary. Staff should be aware of the implications of disabling 2FA and the subsequent cooldown period.
    3. Exception Handling: There should be protocols for emergency situations where a moderator/admin needs immediate access, balanced against the need for security.

    Overall, this cooldown strategy provides a strong deterrent against potential threats, enhancing the overall security posture of the server. It balances security with usability, offering a proactive approach to protecting valuable server assets.








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