Can we please allow administrators and server owners to select a setting that blocks accounts under [X] days age from joining?


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  • Underscore

    This would be quite a good option.

    I wrote a suggestion with the same goal than yours, avoid trolls by seeing related accounts (sharing ip, mail, phone number, etc)
    Maybe you can check it if you agree with it ^^

  • Volleo

    It would be possible to write a bot to do this (I would, but I would inevitably get it on too many servers and then do something evil with it...). Discord account IDs (and all other IDs) have timestamps; seventeen-digit IDs correspond to things (user accounts, channels, roles...) created before 3 October 2015 at 22:44:17.911 UTC, and nineteen-digit IDs will start on 22 July 2022 at 11:22:59.101 UTC. Twenty-digit IDs won't happen until over 125 years from now, so nobody probably cares. Maybe do that while this gets support.

  • 6492

    There are bots for that, one of my favorites is @mewdeko bot on, it has a feature called ".antialt" which is very customizable and will mute/kick accounts under a certain age - depending on how you customize it. 

  • maliqa linar

    I completely agree with the suggestion to introduce a feature that allows administrators and server owners to block accounts below a certain age from joining. This would be a valuable addition to enhance security and maintain a trusted user base within servers. Implementing such a setting would provide administrators with greater control over who can access their server, ensuring a safer and more secure environment. Additionally, offering customization options for the account age threshold would allow server owners to adapt the restriction to their specific needs. It's important to prioritize the implementation of this feature to improve overall server security and user more........


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