Custom Emoji Categories


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  • Haew

    That's actually a hell of a good idea. Would be cool if we could also hide other servers' emojis.

  • Lady Bernka

    This would be amazingly useful.

  • Zacatero
    Most users just have an "emote server" thats just private and theirs so you upload to that server and use your Nitro external emoji perms to post them anywhere
  • Lemaaa

    Yeah but server limit emoji to 50 and you need to create 2 server for 100 emotes

  • Residays

    Yes please.

  • michael mark

    Custom emoji categories refer to the ability to organize and categorize emojis beyond the standard emoji categories that are commonly used in messaging and communication applications. Creating custom emoji categories can be useful for personalization, organization, or thematic grouping of emojis based on your specific needs or preferences. Here's how you can create custom emoji categories to the Twitter Gifs Downloader


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