Priority Speaker for Voice Activity input mode


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  • Koba

    Yes please :)

    I am on voice activation and as a raid leader I would sometimes need the override button.

  • DonTroopa

    any comments on this regarding development priority? I'm really depended on that right now and just push to talk is not an option. Is it planned? discarded? already developed but not tested?

  • Frosty
    Nice suggestion!
  • ᴋʀɪꜱᴛʏ ʙᴇᴀʀ

    Good suggestion but it could easily be abused could it not?

  • DonTroopa

    You mean abused by everyone activating it?

    Yes but then the responsibility lies on the server admin. You can hide it behind roles so you would just have to revoke the ability on @everyone role and on the other roles who should not have it.

  • DuckMasterAl
    Yes. The keybind for a push to talk priority when your in voice activity or a way to switch between priority and normal via keybind
  • animal

    Please add this

  • Chokii

    This is definitely a feature that is useful but completely lacking the attention that it deserves


  • Anonomit

    Any news on this? I found a year-old post by a staff member saying that this feature just needed a bit more testing before being released.

  • Rebel

    Totally agreed. Please, add this feature, this would be a great improvement!

  • Wokarol

    This is a good point to take a look at this feature again. Teachers would really benefit from it.

  • tomjschwanke

    I would also like to see this happen

  • Jump

    This needs to happen. Priority Speaker is a great feature, but it's unfeasible for most people to use because it's locked behind Push To Talk, which isn't usable in many situations (gaming, Discord's main use case, being one of them). Just allowing the priority speaker keybind to also activate when using voice activity seems simple enough, and like @everyone, the onus is on server admins to only allow reputable people to use it. 

  • Matthew

    I think It's crucial

  • noancares

    I would love to see this as well, being able to use voice activated for normal and a keybind to activate priority mode seems best. I don't have enough mouse buttons as it is. So even to go back to push-to-talk I would be forced to always use priority mode so that I didn't have to dedicate two buttons.

  • AelarTheElfRogue

    This most definitely should be implemented. Forcing the user to use push to talk to be able to have priority is extremely limiting. It is a useful tool, but when the use case is usually someone who needs to keep track of other things (gamers, DMs, etc) forcing the user to push to talk the whole time is just cumbersome. 

  • Maxildan


  • Sheal4n

    It would be nice if you implement this, priority speaking through a bind while using activation voice or just a direct voice activation priority would solve the problems we have organising our communication. A lot of time asking for this. Please <3

  • GTX

    It's been 2 years and still this wasn't implemented - it makes Priority Speaker feature kinda useless, since most users use Voice Activity. Please, at least consider this.

  • Geklaut

    Please implement this with PTT the feature is kinda useless, while it would be an awesome feature

  • 5eppel

    I'm raidleading and would REALLY appreciate if this would be implemented to be able to use the VIP speaker with voice activation! Would be really an awesome feature that really is much needed in many gaming scenarios!

  • SuicideCommando

    How is this not a thing yet? Priority speaker via key bind for Voice Activity mode should have been implemented right from the start, that seems to be the most logical and used option, I would've thought.

  • thundershield

    As a DM, this would be extremely useful for when my party gets a bit rowdy. Currently, I'm trying to set up 2 account system with some macros as a workaround, but it's not really working and it would be leagues easier if I could just set up a keybind for push-to-priority talk when I need to. I don't need to do that very often, but it is really annoying when I do.

  • Thorben

    You can use a foot pedal for PTT instead.

  • mountlover

    Wow, two years and this still isn't fixed? I guess I'll add to the long list of people requesting this much needed functionality.

  • JoJo

    TWO YEARS!!!

  • Reithan

    Don't worry, that guy from 1 year ago linked this post from 2 years ago saying it's almost done!

  • Koba

    Shall we open another post in honour of the first post, referencing this post and celebrate there a year from now? ;P

  • the door

    I'm in a DnD group and every always talks over the dm, who uses voice activity, yes please.

  • Sixteen

    Definetly needing this


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