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  • Kyouki

    ^^^ Yes Please!!! ^^^

  • Sjors

    Now that working from home is more common, I now have the issue where I have work related servers where I am required to have my actual photo as my icon. But on all the gaming related servers I do not want to have my real photo. Please allow me to have different icons per server, it has become more urgent now than ever.

  • Mx. Stoneheart

    That is a very good point ! It used to be just not wanting to look stupid from one server to the other, but my work really doesn't need to see me joining in as "junkook's left testicle" or whatever lol

  • Nightwing

    Comment #1000 also it would be nice to be able to alter my pfp to match nickname changes

  • Freyja


    I'm with Sjors here, I want to be more professional in discord, but I also want to have whatever picture that I want in my gaming servers... Or my character's image in a RP server. This has been heavily requested for about 2 years now, about time to get this going, no?

  • Prime Lorca [10FH]

    Is there a limit to the number of times I can post to a thread or the number of posts per thread? I went and deleted one of mine so I could post again.

    If it's a limit per person, then I guess that's just the rules. But if it's per thread, then... maybe just implement the idea. That or it's time to start another thread.

  • StepS

    Since this website does not email you upon "Completed", deleted one of my older comments to make room for this post.

    This feature is finally implemented! It is currently in beta and available to a random number of users and slowly expanding. Yes, you do need Nitro to use it (the standard $10 tier). If you have access to the feature, "Change Nickname" is changed to "Change Identity" and you can upload a custom avatar in the pop-up that appears.

    It only took 3 years (5 years if you count the original UserVoice platform where this suggestion was posted in 2016) for this much needed feature to be added. They are currently also beta testing profile customization with the "About Me" and profile banner options, and they have recently expanded the server limit to 200 and post limit to 4000 characters for Nitro users. This kind of shows that their decision not to sell to Microsoft was a serious one. Hopefully they continue actively implementing other top-voted suggestions on these forums like Move Messages.

    I am expecting a lot of controversy related to putting it behind Nitro (especially the $10 tier). Out of the batch of upcoming feature additions only "About Me" is going to be free for all. Would be interesting to see how the community reacts to this.

    Picture taken from Reddit:

    Reddit discussion thread

  • Prime Lorca [10FH]

    Deleted another old post...
    I'm feeling a bit cheated. I signed up for Nitro in hopes of finally getting this feature. It was not available. I'll be cancelling Nitro if I don't get it in the next week. It's the only feature I was willing to pay to have.

  • ScubaSteve

    It’s really annoying. I was on Nitro Classic and it said upgrade to Nitro to get the feature. Upgraded and it’s not there. I feel like they went through and seen who all complained and are making them wait more. Like I’m paying for the full Nitro and nothing. 😡

  • HexManiac

    Had to delete my happy Thanksgiving post to my buddy Knux to post this. :c Is this or is this not a feature? Cause I was planning on signing up for Nitro to get it next week but if it's a fake-out I won't bother.


    Edit: Ohhhh it's beta. Well. Maybe I will get nitro regardless because that will prove to discord that I really want this feature please kay thank you.

  • StepS

    It's live!

    Server Avatars – Discord

  • ScaryT

    I'm just here to say thank you for adding this.

    Also, 1,000th comment :)


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