Add a server setting to disallow private messages to users


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  • Twisted_Code

    And as usual, no one can agree on a realistic implementation, so the thread gets passed over by the developers. Given we now have a "allow direct messages from server members" option on a per server basis (under the server drop-down > privacy settings), I don't think the developers are going to listen to a thread that makes no use of this.

    honestly, we kind of did it to ourselves by backing a specific implementation when it's not really the implementation but the spirit of the implementation we care about. We want users to be:

    • protected from random people directly messaging them
    • who are from our server
    • without them having to take any action when they join like toggling a default setting
    • ... nor having to rely on a GLOBAL privacy setting


    I'm going to see if anyone has a different and less assuming thread about a feature like that, but I'm definitely unfollowing this one. This thread is going nowhere fast as unrepresentative and outdated as the OP is.


    We are asking for a group permission setting.

    Target of DM spammers are large servers, so large server owners should be allowed to disable DM permission in their server depending on the user group. For example disable DM for users without role.


  • bottiger


    Not sure why you think no one can agree on a realistic implementation. There is already a dm privacy setting per member per server. All Discord needs to do is allow a server to default it to block pms if they don't want to spend any time on it whatsoever making a better solution.

    This is a serious problem that is plaguing the largest servers and spreading. Discord should do more than the bare minimum to fix it. People are losing their accounts over these DM spambots and even SMS verification does nothing. I have to force people to solve a captcha and it has tanked our server join rates.

    A proper solution if they want to spend an appropriate amount of effort to fix this problem, is to add a new permission called "allow role to pm users on the server". That way it can be off by default and enabled for admins. But again, if Discord doesn't want to "waste time" on this, they can use the simpler solution.

  • Twisted_Code

    bottiger Yeah I don't know where I got the idea either. I guess my reading comprehension is poor when I'm tired or something. That said, I wasn't trying to dismiss the problem outright; I get enough spam myself to know it is VERY serious. actually, I just want them to implement a solution faster!

    As long as this doesn't basically force me to add friends just to DM people (or there's an intermediate option that give both trusted users and administrators control), I think I'm fine with this. I like the idea of a permission that overrides the need to add people as friends, but I'd also like an option that just sets the default for "Server >Privacy settings > Allow direct messages from server members." and makes the permission an override for that.

    hopefully Discord will EVENTUALLY get around to doing something about this, but in the meantime, it would equally be nice if people were more careful who they interacted with. Server admins shouldn't have to baby people into basic account security (Douglas Adams said it best: DON'T PANIC)...

  • bottiger


    Your solution failed again today. Someone got pmed with no other mutual servers.

    Spammer had no roles, server moderation was on high and welcome screen was off.


  • Spooker

    Big +1, we should get the possibility to control wich member can send private or view member list (right list) to avoid the raiding of servers ! 

    Like giving a trusted role that allow user to pm other user of the server.

    On my servers I needed to add a reCAPTCHA bot to avoid raiding (already 4 raids in 2 months) and is clearly incompatible with server Discovery feature...


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