More status options than "Playing"



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  • ★ VincyTM

    How i get this Custom status, also my server cannot show up the custom status..

  • Celeron
    You already can view people's status message on their profile, but custom statuses are still rolling out and not everyone has them yet. When it's fully released, anyone should be able to see your custom status from your profile.
  • Pcatofficial

    I had it for a day. But it disappeared and now. i am wondering if i lost it due to discord adding it on me accidentally...

  • Inverted Existence

    It would be nice if you could set it to be either global (appears on all servers and to friends) or that server only. If a server has a specific status then it would override the global status. Also as others have mentioned permissions. If they aren't allowed to have custom status then their status simply wont show up.

  • Crow

    What do you mean that we can see people's status messages?

    So far the only way to do this is setting a custom overlay...and clue why they're there. People can't see them.

    Can you clarify?

  • Wed Pamda
    this is exactly what we need
  • Kostanj42

    just got the idea, when you set you status there would be a check box to  set a time counter, like for games to show how long have you been doing your set activity..

  • cark

    did you not already make this post?

  • emii

    Isn't there already a 'custom status' that exists?, but not sure if it's publicly released yet.


  • charitwo
    Yes, it's a feature that's still in testing and not publicly available yet.
  • ollineko

    Wooo! finnaly! this feature has been implemented! 

  • MrGrackle

    It's been added to ios so im sure it wont take much longer to add to android. But saying that, android users have that ability to show off what they're listening to on spotify which hasnt been added to ios yet.

    Edit: just remembered that it isnt discord on ios that doesnt allow us to show our spotify status, it's actually spotify on ios itself that doesnt have that option unlike spotify on ios. Sorry about that

  • Snocember

    Hi DarkAgit, the custom status feature is at the moment availible for mac, windows and iOS. For example in Discord Canary for Mac it is implemented. To the main version it‘ll come later.

  • JumpSuit

    Discord has this already Planned:

  • MHMDツ


  • mesub
    I'm pleased to say it's live on desktop and Android Alpha!
  • Lucifer Morningstar

    i probably didn't explain well so instead of just something like this we could add a learning one

  • Sabourifar
    Yes please. It can be so cool
  • Ben!
    No, I mean playing statuses. Do you mean there should be more online/dnd/idle/offline statuses?
  • Noxillio
    I don't see why this shouldn't be made available. We already have "watching" (for bots) and "listening" (for spotify). Why shouldn't we be able to use them both manually, with our own parameters? If they're against TOS/CG, then what makes that any different than a violating "Playing" status?
  • Yellowsink

    I saw someone "Playing Visual Studio: Working on python" That just looked dumb.

  • Floffah

    @FlarePhox🔥🍪 no, if you selfbot (do not selfbot its against the rules i think) or own a bot you can set the activity and use a custom listening to or streaming activity.

    But i agree with @Nelly, that would be great. I would also love to see "Working on my projects"

  • Caleb.

    What significant benefit would this give?

  • wAffles
    I'd say the best alternative as of now is to leave discord open on your PC at home and change your playing status to "AFK" or "on vacation" etc.
  • chloroform chloe

    I don't see any use in this at all.

    You can add custom statuses by setting, for instance, Google Chrome as the game you're playing and editing the name of it. If that's not exactly what you're looking for, this is probably the same suggestion as this then:

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