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  • Kiso

    Block quoting doesn't count.

  • Mattynubis

    Not exactly what I was hoping for, but it's a start. Need more integration, as in using the 3-dot menu on a post and have it do a quote properly instead of having to copy & paste & edit. One thing at a time I guess.

  • Tutsumi

    Server folders request has been around for a few years now. Cool. This needs to be next along with voice notes.

  • KyoLikesTrees







  • Rhymmer

    Почему вы не можете сделать нормальное цитирование (как например в мессенджере Телеграм)? Чтоб можно было цитировать с помощью контекстного меню, как часть цитаты (с выделением) так и полностью. Чтоб нельзя было изменить оригинальную цитату. Чтоб в цитате был показан ник и время сообщения, и чтоб можно было переходить на оригинальное сообщения кликом.

    Уже прошло столько времени существования Дискорда, а самая нужная функция чата до сих пор не реализована!


    Why you can not do normal quoting (such as in the messenger Telegram)? To be able to quote using the context menu, as part of the quotation (with selection) and fully. That it was impossible to change the original quote. So in the quote was shown the nickname and time of the message, and so that you can go to the original message by clicking.

    So much time has passed for Discord, and the most needed chat function has not yet been implemented!

  • ❄ Tray ❄

    Guys, it's not quoting, it's formatting of the text... Quoting is when you press one simple button and message where you clicked at attaches to your own message (no idea why I have to explain it to such a big company).



  • 1KL C 🕇 🇺🇸

    Need to have it where post have the same functions like Reddit with "Comment | Like | Share". Something like that. Also need to have we can RIGHT CLICK & SAVE Pictures on Laptop/PC and PRESS & HOLD DOWN on Mobile to save Pictures. No more taking a picture to a browser just to save it.  

  • Athanasius

    Whilst the new quoting will have its uses, it's far from perfect.

    I was disappointed to find it's just a formatting thing, no way to right click a message and quote it in a reply.

    Even worse is the decision to have multi-line quotes continue until the end of the message.  Why not set this up how triple-backtick works for code blocks?  >>> to start a multiline quote, ending it on the next >>> ?

    A. It encourages replying above the quoted block.
    Q. Why is the lack of being able to close a multi-line quote bad ?

  • Amaryllion

    Really, I tried to use this bot. But I have no idea how to make it work, sorry. You have to be some discord guru in order to make this happen. All I wanted was a klick/tap on an integrated funtion called "quote" or something that does what this bot tries to do in the screenshots. Can't be too tough for discord developers to integrate if there is already some bot that (perhaps) does it. :-/

  • CMEPTb

    "Ro 7 days ago

    Block Quoting has been added!"

    The official comment feels like a slap in the face.
    This kind of TEXT FORMATTING was always there, we are asking for a QUOTING of the certain message by 1-2 clicks!
    Are you kidding or do you really not understand the concept of the feature we are asking you about?
  • Bree

    As a software engineer, I don't understand why it is so difficult to implement this ^^'

    I would really like to know what the problem is.

    Something similar to Telegram or WhatsApp would be perfect and improve QOL by ALOT.. 

    Quoting should be done by 2 simple clicks or a swipe .. nothing else.


  • General_Jeno

    How is such a basic request STILL not a thing but the most useless things get added instead? EVERY proper chat application has quoting... seriously discord what's taking so damn long?

  • Ahuman
    I don't quite understand what you mean.
  • ₭Ø₭₳₵Ʉ฿Ɇ

    Why quotes can not look like this? In my opinion, that would be the best. And at each message, you can click on these three dots on the right side of the message and the option: "Quote Message", appear.
    Sorry for my bad english, I'm a german guy. :D

  • hoboX10

    This is actually pathetic. You guys barely have any feature updates as-is and you can't even manage obvious features. Everyone is making fun of you - how can you even call this a "quoting" feature. It's text formatting. There's zero quote functionality in this. Give a real quote option.


    The saddest part is it's such a simple feature request that a single developer could reasonably implement it in a single week. I would feel embarrassed to be a software engineer at your company with a record like this.

  • Wildcard

    Hello everyone! If you would like the newly implemented system to work in a way that makes more sense and is easier for the user, please upvote my suggestion here: https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360048999212-Easier-Quoting-Quote-Block-Button

    It includes a concept image and an explanation as to how the current implementation can be expanded upon.

  • Ponka donkas pinka dong

    lets do this:
    "> <message link>" => <embeded message>
    and when you type a single quote it suggests you the links to the most recent messages

  • AxeloteAR

    The current state of the quote mentioned by the developer isn't what it's requested here. We need a way of quoting one message already posted, like whatsapp.

  • Лекс АйТиБорода

    Guys, let's create something like petitionabout this question.

  • UpperJeans

    This it text of prtition:

    Omg you're adorable. You think a petition will bring about any meaningful change from a company and that the current suggestion isn't one.

  • EtzBetz

    Yea that petition does nothing more than splitting up the votes again. These ideas are kinda like petitions for Discord.. Just ideas where people can vote what they would like to happen.

  • AndreAlphus

    How is this not done yet? it’s like one of the most basic function a chat should have

  • seePyou

    This is in Discord now.

    Start a line with > then space and it is quoted:


    > This will be a quote
    and this will not


    Start with a >>> and space and all the rest of the lines will be quoted:


    >>> This will be a quote
    and so will this


  • AndreAlphus

    It just prove that it’s doable.
    It shouldn’t be that hard to add an option to quote a previous message from the chat with the username and time of the message.

  • Bree

    Yeah that's not what people asked for.
    It misses (1) author and (2) time.

    This is just a nicer ``` block

    It should be like:
    1. Select a message and press "quote" or Just swipe the message to the right Like in a few other messengers
    2. A quote should be an embedd which contains the message, the author and the time.

  • seePyou

    ok, that is one thing, but if I want to quote something from a website or whatever, that is also useful. I concede that quoting a message off the same discord is not as Bree described, which should be easy to do - there is that horizontal ... button next to all messages...


  • kobii

    The laziest developers has EA Sports! #OffTopic

  • Edregol

    Yeah I'd like to see a quote feature as whatsapp or rocketchat has it. Especially in crowded chats this would help to relate to what someone said more easily. Should we create a more precisely stated post for this since this here seems to be considered done.

  • Dev

    Block quoting isn't really what this person had in mind though, right? Like I was imagining more akin to what whatsapp does with their quote reply system where it shows the avatar of the person who sent the original message and the message. 

  • Guilherme Appel

    discord is using marketing for people to change from skype to discord, but even skype has reply/quote option


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