The server crown symbol disappears!


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  • Zacatero
    This is doable already. If you make two roles, one with the actual admin perms, and one with just the name Admin or whatever for the role list, and ONLY hoist the one WITHOUT perms, then you'll still have the crown. The crown only goes away when a role exists that is both administrator, and hoisted.
  • tanya

    @Zacatero the thing is, that's not very practical. I mean have an actual button you have in the server where you can self enable/disable it. 

  • Nollakaks

    Yes add it for god sake! I cant get my crown enabled whatever I do. Simple toggle YES/NO for us thank you!

  • Nollakaks

    Zacatero, yes that works for some people, BUT for MANY it doesnt!

  • purpzie

    If you have any role with admin perms, it doesn't even need to be assigned to anyone and it still hides the crown. So if you remove admin from any roles that have it, it should become visible again

  • ibos

    I would like to remove my crown without making a special admin role for myself. Please add an on/off button for it already!

  • Zacatero
    you don't have to give yourself the role, the role just has to exist. So as long as a hoisted administrator role exists on your role list, even if nobody has it, the crown will go away
  • bastet_of_orion
    An optional owner crown might ostensibly create a more equal environment, but much like making the bot tag (and any future admin/mod tag) optional, it can enable people to lie and do so maliciously. As a server owner, I would rather deal with the inconvenience of being visibly distinct from regular members than having to deal with someone falsely attributing ownership to themselves/others and manipulating a server in such a manner.
  • Blackhorse_Six_

    I WANT the Crown !

    Slave it to the Server Owner, and Toggle it ...

    What's so hard about THAT ?

  • Kristjano

    Seems Discord staff does not self ever response here. Just I see, they never really want develope it.

  • Celdrassil

    YES! Upvote this post please! I've had soooo much trouble with this, and now I have a role called Owner, 2 roles that are called admin, (one was my officer role that I had to rename, so it didnt appear obvious, which is so annoying), One admin role with admin permission, the other with various other permissions. 

    What we, server owners really need, in this case, is a simple Check Box: Show Owner Crown, Check yes or no. 
    Simple as that.
    I cant imagine that being too hard to program into the system compared to the other thing, having some basic understanding of programming.

    Can we please have this? Doing the other thing and asking a gazillion friends for help to understand how it works is simply too much work!

  • Nicole Tesla

    I did everything that was told here but i still can't get the crown 

  • Shun



  • So It Goes

    same, just add a toggle option

  • klopari

    1. Make role

    2. Name it

    3. Give administrator and Hoisetd on

    4. Save role

    5. Check is there crown

    6. If there is crown then restart your discord.

    Here work that. I really not understand why it need to restart discord but it need.

    If not work, then I am sorry, I only try help here

  • Michael

    A toggleable crown feature in the server setting for the owner! upvoted!
    Please guys, its been months since this post was created, its such a minor little thing that would make it a lot more conveniënt for us poor souls.

    Beep Boop.

  • Dragon Emperor 7

    Try turning off the Administrator of your role too, the owner of the server has every permission regardless of the role he is assigned. It worked for me (browser version).

  • Kristjano

    ..and your Server Administrators scarcely like this idea.

  • GEOO714

    we need the toggle function for the crown ive tried everything and I cant get the crown to work

  • GEOO714

    turning off the admin on my role actually worked thanks Dragon Emperor !!!!!

  • tyIer

    if u want the crown check if u have any administration roles hoisted, and if u do have the role hoisted either do disable the hoist, or the delete the role. if u dont want the crown just create a hoisted admin role, u dont have to give it to yourself just make it and the crown will disappear. 

  • NL_Bathwater

    Just make a role to yourself with everyting off and the crown will appear

  • somebody

    i want my crown back 

  • somebody

    i did everything u guys said and my crown is still gone


  • TMjolnir

    I tried deleting my admin role entirely and the crown is still gone.

  • MichiFreddy35

    this was my step:

    remove the "administration" permission for the highest role you have.
    press Ctrl+R to refresh Discord.

    and there you go, your crown is back

  • Groot

    The CTRL + R was the missing step I needed to make the crown re-appear.  Thanks @MichiFreddy35!

  • just your average idiot

    is it so hard to add a button? i want my crown back it looked cool

  • TMjolnir

    Ok, so you can keep an admin role, but if you want admins displayed separately AND have your crown then you have to have two admin roles; one with the "administrator" permission and one that displays separately. For example, Admins (the display separately) and Admin Perms (the actual permission).

    Edit: You will need to restart Discord to allow this change to do anything (in terms of your crown).

  • dropArtwork

    I couldn't get my crown to appear even after removing the Admin permissions from the roles.

    But then I restarted Discord and it appeared. 


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