Show the current number of characters in the message when it is close to and exceeds the limit


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  • Oxknifer

    I think this would be a great feature! I had a post that was near exceeding the limit. I went in to add about 8 custom links to resources for streaming on mobile. All of my links were lost when I saved the post because I exceeded the limit.

    On mobile, I don't even think I got a message for exceeding the limit. I kept trying to edit the post and add information, but it never saved. Now I know why.

  • The Guindo

    I just came here to offer this same suggestion.  I use discord for roleplaying and often find myself exceeding the 2,000 character limit and having to split posts into multiple messages.  It'd be nice to know exactly how many characters over I am, so if it's only 20 characters I can just edit my message down to fit.

    Also just now I was trying to send a message that Word told me was 1,997 characters and I still had to delete 3 characters to get it to send.  Since Discord is apparently calculating character count differently than other programs are, that makes it even more important imo to have the current character count displayed somewhere in the error message, since it's even going to hit you with the error when you're trying to be proactive to avoid it.

  • cheesits

    Where is it on the second one?

  • TB

    This is a much needed feature :D

  • cheesits

    Oh I get it now, it's a progress bar - I thought it was a bugged scrollbar

  • Mistaken

    We need this!

  • Xx_SuPeRsLaYeR_xX

    maybe just warn once you get to 2k or close

  • nddragoon

    yeah, sometimes when I'm writing server rules or pasting copypasta it's really hard to tell when the 2000 characters end

  • BinaryLoop

    Better yet, automatically split the message into two (or more) messages at a paragraph mark and post it without making us jump through hoops!

  • Lars

    @BinaryLoop that wouldn't be a good spam prevention

  • BinaryLoop


    I did some testing and there isn't any real spam protection actually in place. For example, I went and copy and pasted the same 1700 character message into my own discord server 10 times as quickly as possible. Super simple too. (Ctrl-V, Enter, Ctrl-V, Enter, Ctrl-V, Enter... etc) They all succeeded.

    Splitting automatically into separate 2000 character messages adds convenience without having to try to continuously edit under a character limit (which is really only there for technical reasons - it would be the maximum number of characters accepted by the database column, not something related to spam)

    It's also cumbersome at the moment. Once you have more than 2000 characters in the text window of discord, you have to be very careful to copy and paste just the right amount out to submit it in chunks of 2000 characters at a time. Unless you use a third party text program and copy and paste all your text somewhere else while you try to break it up, there's actually a risk that you will lose all of the text that you've typed. I can give you steps, but let's keep this on point.

    Sure, a limit could be added if necessary, to alleviate concern. Maybe it can only split a maximum of 6000 characters into 3 messages. Plus, the content is more unique as well. If they wanted to stop spam, posting the same message into discord multiple times in a row would have been rejected, it wasn't. Plus if you really wanted, you could have this as a checkbox to disable this feature on some discord servers where you don't want long blocks of text and expect all messages to be short.

    The suggestion for a character count only helps you know when you reach the 2000 character limit, it doesn't help you once you actually have more text to post than that limit implies. Plus I feel it should be handled more behind the scenes rather than being a constant reminder on the UI.

  • Tetrachloride


    A display of how many characters you’re at would be amazing. I text roleplay on Discord mobile, and I’ve lost so much work because I was trying to edit a post to add new information and misjudged the size of it all. When you edit a message over 2000 characters, Discord doesn’t even bother sending you an alert saying that you’ve reached the limit — it just reverts you back to your old save, losing you all your progress. Such a character-counting display would allow users to actually know when they’ve gone over the limit, and an alert upon sending a limit-exceeding message before reverting to the old save would omit this problem nigh completely.

  • agamnon

    but if someone spams a good 100k characters, they would get alot of messages, so this could help with that, but would also require more Moderation

  • Markiemm

    This needs to be a feature please

  • Costpap
    Yes please. This is really needed.

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