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  • Dog

    Just here to show some support for a very long overdue feature.

  • Sambobo

    Whatever technical challenges, diagreements with implementation etc...the sheer lack of any repsonse is disappointing and what I find the most staggering.

  • Zuar

    Well then, is there an alternative to Discord that has such a feature?

  • HitCoder

    welp, time to move back to skype bois. cya there!

  • eried

    We need this! a way to split and move a conversation from 1 point


    -> move to #channel from here, and just leave a link:


    This conversation was moved to #channel.

  • SK¥Ξ_X

    My need for this feature has greatly increased lately. A lot of my communities are very active and constantly acquiring new members who are either new to Discord or unfamiliar with channels, so things will often be posted in the wrong places. When some channels are used for very specific things, this can get very cumbersome to deal with, as I have to tell each person individually to delete and repost their message in the correct channel.


    As a solution to users being confused about where their messages went, a customizable automatic direct message and/or an option to leave a message in place of the previous one would be great. I would prefer the former, as the latter will still push the signal : noise ratio of a given channel in the wrong direction.

  • General Fault

    I keep needing this also, and I agree, a simple automated DM to the user with a link to the new location is all that is needed.  This is a simple feature, and does not need to be complicated. 

  • Schimmel

    How has this not been implemented yet? I remember it being 1-2 years ago when I was looking for this feature the first time and this still hasn't been solved? people even came up with bots that have been even more complicated than to just copy paste, this is a proper shitshow

  • NamOcaw

    Holy Carp <><  This suggestion is like 2 years old, and is such a basic feature that everyone needs... With Discord trying to improve it's image and move to a less gamer - more business enterprise solution, this kind of thing should be their TOP priority!!!

  • Quinnell

    Definitely need this. There are so many times I'd rather just move posts to another channel than delete them.

  • Darr247

    Also, discord - FIX THIS WEBSITE - when you follow a link to a thread, then sign in so you can post, it should return you to the thread/page WHERE YOU WERE, not the front page.

    Still can't believe there is no discord support server... that's like microsoft only providing phone support.

  • Skeletorus_G

    I love the second point. not only does it tell someone you have moved the post but also educates them in putting future posts in the right place

  • Ryudeus

    Probably won't be adding anything that hasn't been said before, but seriously, all admins and moderators need this feature! It's not even a "nice to have" or "kinda need". It's a "we REALLY need this feature now!" kind of thing. Every web forum has the ability to move messages. Discord servers need it too.

    Also, the "Manage Messages" permission should be sufficient, without the need to create a new permission, don't you think? That can be set on a channel-by-channel basis, but provided a user has the permission for both the channel moving from and the channel moving to, that would work.

  • Metz

    I really hope that this will still be implemented. It would be very helpful.

  • QuackingPlums

    <blah> …wow, two years… <blah> …can't believe… <blah> …is anybody even listening?!… <blah> etc.

  • BoutItMan

    We are poor little lambs who have lost our way... blah... blah... blah.

  • Oomek

    I think I know how to get their attention. I posted a swear word and it's pending for approval. So swear like your life depends on it, maybe moderators will push it forward so they have less spam to handle ;)

  • Wordview

    I just tweeted at them regarding this issue and this thread as well. I am new to server administration, but the need for the feature became apparent almost instantly. I have a couple of older users in my group who are struggling to understand moving between channels, and it's making my server organization pretty useless.

  • Merlin

    Hello everybody,

    As bots like translators may read mesages to execute translations with flags as reactions or with commands, perhaps someone who knows how to create a bot may create one that read a message with a specific reaction or with bot command (that needs identification of the lessage(s) concerned) wwhen authorised persons (with authorisation to manage the messages) asks to the bot to copy this message in a designed channel (in place of translate it as translators do) and replace the original message by an information that the message has ben moved and the destination channel...

    If translator bots may publish the translation of a post in another channel then this one of the original message, it must be possible to publish a post with the ID of the author in another channel and remove the original message after...

    I hope that I was clear enough but I may develop my idea if someone wants to create a bot for this.

    It may be a solution if the developpers don't want to add this possibility.


  • kayzizi | 🖐

    Oh, moving messages isn't a thing. But I need this thing.

  • Ilya Belikin

    Choose Discord for the focus on the communities. This functionality is critical for shaping a community and providing good moderation. I hope the product team at Discord will consider it as a priority now.

  • imouse1

    How is this post five years old and there's no movement on it?

  • Dreaming Rose

    How is this not a thing already? Even my server that has maybe 25 active people in it desperately needs this ability. I hate just deleting whole conversations that are actually good to have just because they're in the wrong channel. This is super aggravating. This is a basic thing that ALL mods and admin should have.

  • -Grim-

    Dear Discord Trust & Safety Team, Dear Discord Development Team, Dear Discord, Dear God, Whoever needs to ear my message,




  • Ykd

    Bump, this is a years overdue basic moderation feature.

  • SoddOff

    Yes, I agree with everyone here that this should have been a basic feature and should have been added by now. Please please please make this a priority as I would love to clean my boards up and not have to light fire to my own house.

  • ᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠ

    we need this

  • Matthias



  • DriftTheCat

    Upvote the orig. Post like your lives depend on it!

    Alternatively, Discord HQ is at 444 DeHaro St... Anyone in the area that can throw some custom stickers on their doors or something to try and hammer the point home? I live practically on the other side of the country or I'd just do it myself.

    Its honestly kind of a disgrace that this feature has taken even an eighth of the time it actually has to bless our lives, met alone even get any sort of acknowledgement from the devs about it.

  • Oomek

    Spam your channels with this link and up vote the thread so it's at least in top 10. 1359 votes seems not enough for them to bother.


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