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  • Nkt

    @radical I wouldn't bother moving, the only thing slack has is that really dumb threading functi... Wait...

  • Ralgith

    Pizza w/EasternHops and Nkt

    1. Some people don't want to add a bot. We want it as a core feature.

    2. Actually, Slack is significantly better in how it handles basically everything. Except message history requiring a very expensive paid account. Slack does have the ability to do many of the things that Discord lacks, including moving messages to other channels. Though, that may also be from a mod (I'm not an Admin on my work Slack).

    Very simply, suggesting bots is a piss poor answer to something that should be a core feature. I myself use a bot, but I really wish it was core. I prefer simpler experiences as an admin of multiple Discord servers.

  • Rodri

    Now that we have threads, it'd be great if we could not only create a thread from an existing message (already possible) but also move more messages to that thread too. Sometimes, a thread is not created because the answer seems to involve just one message, but then the discussion develops and more messages appear. It'd be great if we could move all of them to a given thread (basically being able to create a thread from more than one existing message).

    Thanks a lot in advance!

  • luitzifa

    I can not understand how this request can still be open. And i can not understand the concerns either, even now admins and ppl with permissions can delete messages or kick users, there is no downgrade to that.

  • dreamweaver.

    I was creating a Discord bot today and really need this feature. Had a workaround by reposting the message using my bot, but it loses all the reactions to the embedded message.

    Hope this feature becomes available soon.

  • Nimrodblack

    I am modding 1-2 servers at any one time. I could have used this 3 years ago. I could use it today.  I definitely need it now that threads have happened.  All too often there is a sidebar conversation and you cannot move the whole of the conversation into the thread if on page 3 they realized they needed a thread.  Threads would be very well served by this capability. 

  • SuperSaiyanRaja

    Please add this feature!

  • Jim Goodall

    WHY IS THIS STILL NOT A FEATURE?  This is basic expected moderation capability.

  • Lawyno

    With the new threads we need this feature even more. Otherwise they're useless.

    I expected a feature like that already.

  • nibbaramu

    Come on Discord you guys are slacking on something this basic? I just looked up how to move messages today only to find this request has been up for 3 years. 3 years. You guys are smart; I know you can do it.

  • talk_murder_to_me

    How many upvotes do we need to drum up before this will be considered? It's kind of stupid that this is still in limbo, years later. Clearly there's a need.

  • arpitthehero

    @nibbaramu It been 5 years, discord has been ignoring this.
    Here is the Twitter post from almost 5 years ago by Twitter that they will look into it.

  • Anima C13.

    Why not just allowing a plugins api? Instead of ignoring thousands of user requests for 5 years?
    There is also a service called Telegram that allows users to create their own clients.

  • Anima C13.

    BetterDiscord is still alive.

  • S1lver

    To ensure people wont get lost if there message is moved. Just implement forced message that write, that this currebt message have been moved. Gray it out and set a link to where it has been moved to. Cheers. Now I have post control of my threads cause new people havent yet learned where to post topics yet. It will always take some time. Please implement it fast🙏

  • Merlin

    For your information, there are now several bots that move messages...

  • AmeiLotus

    @Merlin Not a single one of them are built into discord, and all of them work like poo.

  • maldar

    Wow, such a basic feature and it is missing. Funny how people mention that it was brought up 3 years ago and now it has been another 3 years. Just another reason I dislike Discord and think forums that are properly moderated and Administered are lightyears ahead of and better than Discord.

  • Ethorbit

    Not only is this a basic feature that is as useful as Delete, but also something that's consistently been wanted for 3 years now. What is the purpose of this support site if Discord isn't even going to pay attention to it?

  • miscreatality

    The Discord-team doesn't feel the competition to put attention to features like this. It doesn't bring back money to pay their salary in the short term.

  • S1lver

    Tell me more about those bots? Sounds like alot of work? Cheers

  • Mika Lindqvist

    As an admin and moderator, it's quite frustrating that only possibility currently is to delete all off-topic posts and wait for people to re-post them on correct channel.

  • HipGnosis

    This needs to be a thing


  • Cathal

    I'm kind of in awe that this thread has had no response given how useful and requested the feature is.

  • Lenwë

    This already exists in some other Discord-like apps (FlowDoc, Slack...) and I was expecting to see this for the newly added Threads. Unfortunately, since it's not (yet ?) possible to move messages, Threads are pointless for now.

    Users should be able to drag and drop their own messages into existing threads. In addition, users should be able to move their own existing messages to another of existing non-threaded message they own to create a new thread (the thread title would be created automatically).

    A new permission should be added to allow moderators to move other's messages.

  • Vaesse

    With the implementation of threads, this is even more needed.  I find that usually by the time we realize a topic has become it's own thread, any discussion of moving it kills the topic entirely.  However, if mods were able to move messages to a thread (with a system message indicating such has been done, as mentioned in OP, and a link to that message in the new thread), the conversation could continue easily without any real interruption.

    I agree that there should be a permission to be able to move messages between channels in general, but the use case I can imagine it being used for more than anything is to move messages within a channel to a thread.

    Similarly, I'd like for users to be able to move their own messages (as a separate permission).  So that we can choose whether it's a mod ability (to move ANY message), a user ability (to move theirs), or both.

  • FlightRisk

    Wow, I really am shocked. I get we can all have a pet feature we would like that might not fit into the overall plan, but this is a BASIC FEATURE. To think it has been three years and THOUSANDS of up votes and we haven't even got a response is disheartening. I also agree with the poster that they have time for nonsense features like more emojis or threads or whatever else they are promoting, but not a feature that lets us manage a conversation properly.

  • Totsuzenheni Yukimi

    I'd like to bring this idea to peoples' attention again. I think it would be useful if moderators and those that wrote a message could move a message or whole conversation from one channel to another. I find it's quite frequent that a conversation will move from one topic that is within the purview of the channel into which the conversation messages are being posted to another topic that is not within the purview of the channel into which the conversation messages are being posted.


    This is a much needed and overdue option. A lot of us pay for Nitro, and it’s a very simple change, so it’s not like they don’t have the money to pay programmer to make a simple change. I'm a programmer and know that it's a simple change.

  • Vaesse

    Not just that.  If you scroll back, there's a program manager willing to get together a team to do everything needed to give them a working solution at no cost.  So, it's not like they'd even have to do anything more than provide the access so they'd have what's needed to make it happen.


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