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  • appurist

    As I mentioned above:

    1. Discord has this weird auto-"Pending approval" trigger that I haven't been able to get an answer from them in the past or had control to disable it on my server, causing drama and censorship claims on my server.

    I took the time to post a lengthy explanation for why this moving messages issue was so important. But I see the other major problem with Discord has swallowed it. Perhaps for good.

    Discord requires manual intervention by moderators as part of normal operations. This should be unacceptable to administrators of discussion forums.  Combined with the inability to move things into the correct place, it means Discord is not appropriate for any serious uses involving customers and users of a product or forum members outside your organization.

    This also implies that nobody with any real impact is reading these messages.  Or as most of my users assume, that I am being censored.  This causes drama for me due to a "feature" that I cannot disable, and cannot get any feedback on from Discord.  Just like this discussion.  Perhaps we should protest the lack of message moves by posting something off-topic but useful in discussions Discord considers important (if there are any).

    I have realized that I must abandon Discord.  I won't post again here (unless my message pending approval gets finally seen by someone and approved).  Discord as an organization, and as a product, is not professional enough for my needs (which are pretty basic.)  I'm really disappointed, because I was such a proponent and supporter of Discord. They've really let us down.

  • -5150-BIG Jerm

    I've needed this feature for the entire time I've moderated servers since joining Discord. Make it rain text channel messages where they need to go!

  • NoMercies
    No, because that would make admins able to troll a lot more than they can already
  • Jexy

    Just adding to the numbers. We REALLY need this function. Like yesterday.

  • appurist

    Just thought I'd check in to see if my lengthy post that went into robo-approval mode was finally approved yet or not, after all this time.  Nope.


    Just some evidence that nothing you put in here will be read by anyone who can change the situation.  This discussion area is just a placebo for those of us who cared about Discord.

    (Note the past tense. I'm done with Discord, mostly due to the lack of progress or even a tiny bit of feedback from Discord on this missing feature.)


  • The 🚀 Trekhippy 👽

    I just discovered the problem of server owner not being able to move a message from one channel to another as it appears originally. I can copy the link and the user id of the original poster. I can paste the link and tag him for credit. That, I suppose, will have to work for now but I add my voice to the NEED for the basic admin function.

  • mesub

    Discord does look at suggestions but the more upvotes it has, it will obviously get more attention. There are tickets out there that are completed, they're not always getting ideas out of thin air.

  • Koshdukai

    hmmm... guess we need to share this suggestion (link) making others aware of it. Maybe it'll increase the upvote numbers.

  • Anтнє

    Come on, we really need this, please !

  • dejin1

    Please add this as it would make my life so much better I will even buy a few months of nitro as thanks :)

  • Gradior

    Essential feature.  C'mon devs...

  • Rufkenze

    Please add this feature. We need it so bad. It is such a pain that we can not move a message posted in the wrong channel.

  • Ben!
    I see why you might want this, but to me all I can see is messages being taken out of context.
  • Blue
    I think this would be very useful for server moderation when channels go off topic
  • Rynomachine

    This would be really helpful for my server. I just want to be able to move memes to their appropriate channel.

  • greenandgold

    I'd like to add my voice to the others that are requesting an option that allows Mods or Admins to be able to move messages between channels. 

  • Blushadows

    I'm adding another voice to the mix and I voted the thread up.

    I hope we can get this past 500 votes and possibly get this rather common moderating tool finally added as a feature.


  • Diloolie

    I would love to be able to move what once was a group PM chat into a server, but I see that isn't possible yet? Please, Discord!

  • sightseeerAFK

    We need that feature since years. A discord forum cannot properly exist without that feature. 

  • Ben!
    @sightseeerAFK Discord isn’t a forum though. This is why I feel that this isn’t needed. All I can see is messages being moved to annoy the person or taken out of context.
  • fireundubh

    All I can see is messages being moved to annoy the person or taken out of context.

    Sorry to break it to you, but...

    • Admins can annoy you all they want; they're admins.
    • Messages can be taken out of context regardless of where they are.

    If you don't like how a server is run, you can always leave.

  • 1Q84

    The ability to migrate messages should've been implemented from the beginning stages of development.

    Why is this still not a goddamn feature in the app?

  • sightseeer

    @fireundubh what a troll you are. Admins will and should always be almighty in a Forum. My own forum is a mess and I just copy every off-topic to a specific off-topic channel and delete the oroginal. Moderating the forum is a PITA without the move feature.

  • sightseeer

    @ℍ𝕖𝕝𝕝𝕠 𝕋𝕙𝕖𝕣𝕖 "A forum is a virtual place, where people can discuss and share ideas via asynchronous text messages."
    The text channels deliver everything to hold to the definition of a web forum.

    It has also voice channels which are aditional features.

  • fireundubh

    @sightseeer: I was quoting and replying to @ℍ𝕖𝕝𝕝𝕠 𝕋𝕙𝕖𝕣𝕖. Try to not be as braindead as the people who vote down this feature request.

  • _David_

    Hi I do not understand why Discord do not react to this demand that is so much requested and eagerly awaited by everyone.

    It goes without saying that we really need this option to be able to moving channel messages.

    Why does not Discord just add it?
    We have no response from Discord responding to this request, I find it unprofessional at all ...

    Everyone wants this option so add it...

    Thanks in advance.

  • JasonBaby

    It just so happened my teammate asked a question in a sort of announcement channel and there's no ways I can move it to the discussion channel.

    What a shame this is still not implemented yet...

    (At least server folder is a thing now :thinking:)

  • Pyralspite

    Just to clarify, this continues to not be a thing right? If so, please-please-please-please-please can we add this feature? It'd be so useful and it's not really got any more potential for misuse than other mod privileges.... 

  • Bluecewe | Xterea

    @Pyralspite Yep, still not a thing. In fact, I'm not aware of any official response on the topic, let alone any plan to implement it.

  • Pyralspite

    @Bluecewe Thanks - darn, was hoping I missed something! 😢😢😢 Such a bummer, they've always seemed reasonably quick to take feedback on board to me!


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