Change “Jump to Chat” to “Jump to Message”



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  • Nukem23

    this happens on ios also. latest build i’ve found a message i wrote months ago, i need to delete it for Data Protection purposes but the jump to chat button takes me straight to the newest messages and not to thr searched item?

  • Lethal

    This anomaly annoys me to great ends on mobile. I have snippets of help-related information that I usually do a quick search for, than copy pasta, to help various users. Needless to say, I have a lot of various snippets and not being able to jump to the message while mobile means that I can't copy the text. The annoyance compounds itself when trying to scroll through the large database of snippets as it usually means that I have to scroll up 5-10 messages, wait to load, scroll up 5-10 more, wait to load, etc. I've resorted to using team viewer to remote into my desktop so that I can jump to the message and copy it, though I wish this could be looked into and fixed so that I don't need to remote in. Thank you.

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  • Tom

    Yes this is a very useful feature and this is already / has been a thing available on android. I use this almost every day comes in handy but few days ago i got a new phone ( IOS ) and so many useful features that you can do on androids discord you can’t do on ios. This being one of those features

    Another related thing is if you are looking for a gif in the search history you are unable to play the gif even if you find it in the search. Clicking on it does nothing and since the jump to chat is not working that way to bring you to that section in chat the only other choice you have is to scroll up in chat until you find it, which is another issue on ios that i found is that it takes a long time to load older messages when scrolling especially if you have to go back a lot.

    Another feature that does not work on IOS is being able to hold on a servers icon and clearing all notifications for that server. On IOS you have to go into each channel that has a notification and clear it that way. On PC and Android devices you can clear the way i mentioned.

    I really hope these features come to IOS, really makes things so much more simple.

  • YourFace

    Yeah, this should be changed so tapping a search result sends you to that message/contents location in chat so you can interact with photos and content and scroll through chat STARTING at the location of the search result.

    The “jump to chat” option doesn’t have much use for me in its current implementation. What I want is a “jump to result in chat” button that drops me right into chat where the search result was found.

  • dreamer

    I recently stumbled upon this missing feature on iOS. I hope it gets implemented soon.

  • Dayzed Inn

    That lack of feature for the IOS Discord mobile app has bugged me for so long! I have no idea why they haven’t implemented it yet.

  • magismol-v

    I noticed a potential complication with this. When I’ve manually gone back to where I want to be in the chat log, it’s not always reliable that it will remain where I scrolled it back to, especially when new messages are coming in. Perhaps it would be better to leave the button “Jump to Chat” the way it is, but allow the entire thread to be loaded from the searched item on either side of it.

  • Ognižar syn Meça Gordov

    I think it would be better if one could read old messages and at the same time type the new message, or at least jump to the part of the channel containing that message. Because sometimes conversations can be very long, but only a few messages surrounding the selected is shown.

  • TwT brAh. I hope discord gets updated for IOS. The jump to chat thing rlly gets me. You can’t edit or click anything and the scrolling is limited. It rlly sucks.

  • ASilva

    I just found a why to go straight to the begining of a chat. But im sure im not the only one to find it.


    so here it is


    Use the search function then use the in: then chose the channel u want


    After that use before: (type the year u want or day or weak, try it ur self the formate dd/mm/yyyy did not work for me only year.yyyy)


    if u remember the specific date then good for u just find it on the calendar :)


    PS: Sry if i butcher the spelling of the words


    Hope i helped someone with this :)

  • Ognižar syn Meça Gordov

    ASilva, I believe most of us already know that, but that still takes us to only a portion of the conversation that is accessible only by "jump to chat".

  • Lethal

    So there I was, talking to this guy - wanted to pull up a reference picture of some data I tested. Did a search - found it. Couldn’t click the image or interact at all. What happened next? I clicked “jump to chat” and scrolled up for the next 15 minutes to slowly load chunks of conversations until I reached that post 4 months ago. All of this just to copy an image and send it. Thankfully it wasn’t a year ago, good gracious!

    Suffice to say that I’m fairly discouraged that this hasn’t been looked into in over 8 months. In short - No iOS love, than no nitro love. Wish y’all the best in this endeavor. /unfollowed

  • boss
    Yes, please!
  • lucy

    please fix this minor bug. it’s an easy fix and it’s truly annoying. i just wanna be able to read stuff back and go to the ACTUAL conversation instead of the bottom of my DMs. i can’t even delete nor edit my message while looking at them. people have been complaining about this for nine months now and it’s quite disappointing that discord hasn’t done anything to this issue iOS is facing. they’re focussing on tbh unnecessary stuff like server folders ect, new things to add. when they should be focusing on things to fix first instead of adding new stuff.

    almost all iOS users need this feature and we’ve been waiting ages for discord to fix it. ever since discord on iOS existed it’s been facing this issue.

    please fix it ASAP.

  • boatboy

    this feature would also allow to dl images from previous days of chat

  • assimilater

    Is this a bug of the jump to chat button in iOS or an actual feature request? I can't think of any other purpose for the jump to chat button other than this request but its actual behavior is no different from close in the top right. Can we get discord team to confirm the status of this? A few months ago would be nice....

  • MeLlamanHokage
    I needz dis in mah lfie
  • Permanently deleted user

    this feature is bugged like AGES NOW! You press on the jump to chat and it doesn't even move you to the specific chat. Come on guys... so many updates ... THIS! should be your top priority to fix!

  • Permanently deleted user

    talking abkut ios ^

  • Don Snow

    We really need this, please discord.

  • Leo_Chan

    This is a very needed change as currently there is no way to interact with messages in the search results. If I wanted to copy the text in the searched message or copy the link to the message, I'd have to do it on desktop because on mobile none of these options are available. Most importantly, I cannot view the pictures in full screen nor click on hyperlinks. I'd assume this feature is missing on mobile because it would take extra resources to load old messages, but it is a much needed feature and should be a priority.

  • Hot Furry Christmas Boi

    It really is an annoying bug, just today discord updated their UI’s once again, i hoped they had fix this bug but still nothing. How do they not find the time to fix it?

  • Destiny

    Whoa December 20 and still no improvement?! Discord?!

  • Oppai

    This being posted a year ago and still no fix?
    It seems like such a minor thing but its really useful when you’re trying to find a meme sent by a person, way easier than scrolling up 6 billion messages

  • Sammy

    I’m still wondering when iOS will get the “Jump To Chat” feature fixed. It doesn’t help that when I try and get to something from a year ago I have to go through the very full dm to reach it which takes forever

  • Artoria Agnator

    please fix jump to chat feature

  • Zarathos

    Experiencing a bug last few days. on the desktop app, specifically when using the pokecord bot or posting pics it doesn't jump to the current message anymore. You have to manually scroll down. Please fix this. 

  • enable_muck

    Dear Discord, are all your employees Android users? There isn't a day that goes by since switching to an iPhone that this bug (or lack of feature) doesn't annoy me. I'll probably start dual wielding Android device just for this basic functionality while mobile.

    THANK YOU if it is possible to change / match the behavior of desktop or Android app in this regard.


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