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  • Aryashi

    Agreed! Me and a friend just hit that limit today and it's very concerning

  • legosavant

    maybe just... screenshot the pinned messages, create a new channel and post them all there

  • Tom

    i agree, i love just scrolling through the pinned memes on my server and having a good laugh, so its always a shame when we have to let one go to make room for another

    I think doubling the limit is more than fair if unlimited is unfeasible 

  • killian

    Shout out 2 whomstever shared this on reddit, thanks bud

  • Devorantem

    Please do. This limitation is not beneficial for community selfies/member photos and search by image is not an option when they tend to post some cats and just hairy legs in between.

  • leracos

    Here to second the recommendation for unlimited pins. 100 will definitely not be enough.

  • ApplePie

    yes. maybe make it a nitro feature (please no) but anything above like 200 would be appreciated lol. maybe it could depend on the amount of people int he serv as well. Only at near 400 members, i like to pin a lot and i was quite disappointed when i hit the limit in my main chat

  • MancorJ

    It wouldn't be a bad idea to be able to set a limit on pins or just remove it in server settings

  • JuSA

    It would be really nice if you could change the limit in the channel or server settings.

  • loykad

    Agreed. We are so tired of managing pinned messages all over again everytime we reach the 50 cap.

  • Lucidarior

    I would prefer either the limit being editable in the server's options, or as a general-feature and hopefully not for nitro-users only (not sure if also pm's with users would have a limit of 50 pinned posts too), but it would be awesome if the "user-x pinned a new post"-message could be deactivated, because the red dot at this top-navigation-bar should be visible for new entries there, I think?

  • Forte

    yeah, it even gets to be a problem in DMs. people who I've been friends with for years now have had pins pile up to the point that I hate having to delete them. I'd be willing to pay for more

  • lucense

    full support on the unlimited pins bit. me and a couple of my friends have a really big tendency to write funny typos, make something funny (e.g. make a really funny picture edit) and in a group chat we hit the limit within a few days of creating the chat! and in another server we had to make a whole pin channel because the cap had also been reached there in the main channel, so more pins - if not unlimited, then at least around 500 or so - would be very highly appreciated

  • CarcinogenZ

    agreed, or maybe let us set our pin limit ourselves? pin limits per server (or per channel), and for PM it would be per user or something, maybe an option that when changed would ask the PM partner if they agree to the increase or something, 50 pins is really limiting imo

  • Doggo

    Still why so many pins tho

  • BJPickles

    +1 major support.

    We use pins for chronological archives of announcement posts. (So users can browse pinned dates, without having to scroll through a mass amount of text).

    It's extremely unpractical from that point of view, having been limited.

    We would be happy to pay for nitro if it was increased.

  • Anatomis (Perfect)

    Yeah, this is a good idea. Because when I was trying to pin the fan - arts for a server, but I got on the limit... So yes. That's an idea I liked.

  • Blivy

    for the love of god BLEASE

  • Anatolia

    Agree, what is the point of this limit? It should be limitless.

  • Darth
    Why not just make a channel dedicated to it?
  • Bodega

    It's nice to be able to use it to link back to the comments at the time.

  • Manta Tawns 💗

    My friends and I have a channel where we choose a topic each week to discuss.

    Each new topic is pinned.

    People can jump to specific topics and read other people's responses etc... and the pins make it easier for discussion to flow over the weeks. Once we do this for just over a year, we'll run into a pin limit.

    For some channel types, 50 should be fine/a lot, but for other uses having a limit makes the option of pinning almost redundant. Please make it so that people can choose the way they want to use this pin feature. It'll also give this loved Discord feature the chance to improve such as how the UI is set for numerous pins, more possibility of customisation options that could come in the future and so forth.

    Getting rid of the limit should suit users since if you want to pin less, you can simply pin less, if you need more, you can use it endlessly.

  • curltv

    im 100% into unlimited pins

  • Boredom Reincarnate

    Hit the 50 pin cap about 3 months ago so now each time someone says something highly stupid or quotable we have to choose which pins to unpin?? And that sucks?? Coz they're all equally amazing?? Definitely need more pins

  • Darth

    This should be a nitro boost feature. Level 1 boost gets 100 pins, Level 2 get 500 and Level 3 gets unlimited

  • Helper Dave

    Can we get this now, please?
    Considering most partnered servers have - on average - 10,000 users. Let's say 1% is actively contributing daily - that's still 1000 users... And we are only allowed 50 pins? 😂

    Not to disrespect at all, just genuinely find it a bit funny!
    Might be worth increasing the pin limit!! 😊

  • Rxsora


  • Jexy

    We would love to have pins unlimited or at least like 500. Yes some channels will never get pins, but others (like our music channel, announcements, comm content) will have a number of pins and 50 isn't cutting it. Ok so create a new channel, starts getting messy them which channel was X pinned to, where's the music pins if ur looking for a song, etc etc. Just easier to increase the amount of pins please and thank you!

  • BeerBears


  • Belserden

    Massive support to this, I was super sad to hit pin limit, searching through pins in PM's for those classic moments is an amazing experience haha.


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