Separate 'Manage Messages' into 'Pin Messages' and 'Delete Messages'


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  • Wolfkyri

    I fully agree. As someone who holds organization in high regard, being unable to allow members of my server to pin important data without providing them the ability to delete anything they feel like is a huge disadvantage. 

  • Sophia | AmpUpRadio

    I also agree!  Please make it possible for server members to pin anyone's messages without being able to delete other's messages!

  • XiuhcoatlSlayer

    I like this idea a lot! Please do this :)

  • Dora

    Good idea.

  • Jack W

    I was about to post the same thing, I really want to give high ranking members of my server the ability to pin stuff since they're so active on the server, but I'd rather not give them all mid-level admin permissions in the process

  • Lucidarior

    also adding a "don't mentioned user-x pinned a new post" if a user is in a direct-message conversation with another user, also for servers it would be cool to see a similar feature, which could hide all previous and planned "there's a new pinned post"-messages.

  • Crow Hala

    Pretty please!

  • AoiNoSakura

    Agreed, this is most definitely useful especially for huge servers.

  • Lib

    Why isn't this a thing yet? Pinning is harmless, but the ability to delete messages should be for admins only.

  • zmsl

    plz devs? plz

  • Shinrod

    Let people highlight important messages without letting them delete every message on a channel ? Sure !

  • DaisyHogg

    This would be a very nice feature for sure!

  • DeadlyOwl

    I actually made a support ticket about this yesterday and only found this post today. Fully agree, those two should definitely be separate features. It takes less than an hour to implement that, I don't know why this hasn't been resolved in 8 months at least apparently.

  • alpha-carinae

    Please implement this devs, pretty please!

  • koneko
    Pretty sure I knew someone that complained about pin/delete messages being an entire permission altogether. I vote that we also get a separate "delete messages" only perm as well
  • poisonedwaters

    I would like to see the permissions be much more granular.

  • AndyM

    Where is this, as it's been a while since the original suggestion was made?

    +1 for this idea.

  • Souls

    It would be very nice to allow server staff to pin messages without giving them the ability to nuke anyone's message as they see fit. One of these two things is far more susceptible to both damaging accidents and potential abuse than the other. There's no reason I should have to take on that risk in order to allow someone the fairly low-level responsibility of being able to pin messages.

  • webs

    Support, a server I moderate heavily needs this command based on how we operate. Please, devs.

  • raven

    This would still be very useful and probably pretty simple to implement?

  • almostsuspense
    very bad idea - everyone should be able to delete their own messages
  • Revali

    Yeah no, I don't think you should ever disallow users from deleting their own messages.

    That's a terrible idea, the delete message feature is incredibly important.

    Besides, servers have audit logs, which keep track of every message sent regardless of whether it was deleted. You could just use that.

  • enigmatix

    Seriously, I have to wonder whose idea it was to fold these 2 features under the same permission. It's like mixing apples and oranges.

  • Yevheniya

    Why aren't you guys implementing this? It's been almost a year. This is simple stuff.

  • Vaei

    @Revali @Suspense That's unrelated to this topic. This topic has nothing to do with deleting your own messages, only other people's. Please read the OP again.

    @Yevheniya Sadly I don't think it will happen. It boils down to the low vote count, it's only slightly over 200 after almost a year. In general doing things this way makes sense, but because this is something that affects moderation and not every single user it will naturally get less votes even if it's more important.

    The only thing we can do is hope someone at Discord happens to see it by chance and brings it up with the team responsible or someone promotes the suggestion out of necessity that gets a lot of upvotes.

  • Zyga

    I also want this so much!

  • Specially Trained Derp

    This really should have been done ages ago.

  • moanatari

    I completely need to separate this two option too 

  • Alukaard76

    Come on, it's a good feature! We can double copied our username but i must authorize delete other messages to pin it !

  • Turing

    Please discord, I would like this. 


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