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    I can relate, I have a channel used to set your timezone. People can use commands to check a list with all timezones of recently connected members, but to check time of 1 person they have to @mention them in the command. If that channel can be muted, people aren't bothered with other people looking up current times or setting anything in that channel.
    Ofcourse all people could set to mute it themselves, but I as admin want to totally mute it for everyone (even the @mentions)

  • dkkoba

    Would definitely be great to set a channel to "muted by default" in a server when creating it for bot channels, etc

  • greenroc

    I would like this option. Voted up!

    I have a probelm with Discord not having this option "Mute channels by default". Today, I woke to see two pings in a channel created while I was asleep. My "role" was mentioned twice. I do not want to be pinged when my role is mentioned, in any server. Newly created channels somehow override my settings, and I dont like that.

    New channels being able to ping me with these settings (seen in image) is unwanted. Please give me the option to mute channels by default. Thank you.

  • Kludge

    This would be super helpful. Hope this one gets implemented.

  • MiO9

    This small modification definitely need more upvotes, as level up bots like mee6 or other game bots are literally channel spammers, especially in large servers, it's impossible to ask every single member to mute a list of channels to avoid spam before they get frustrated by those and leave. Discord please add that maybe, then large servers would be free from complaints by members on those "util/spam" channels

  • LogiqueGaming

    Can't believe this isn't a thing yet.

  • Azrael

    From my understanding you can already do this server wide if you go to
    Server Settings > Overview
    Then scroll all the way down to dry it so it's "All messages" or "Only @ mentions", set it to "only @mentions"
    That way when a user joins for the first time they won't be getting a billion notifications

  • mxmo

    Can you be more specific? Can you explain how you mute a channel?


  • Silverhawk

    On a computer you right-click the channel and select "Mute #channelname", but that only does it for you. I would like the option to mute a channel for all the members of the server added to the Edit Channel menu accessible by the owner. Does that make sense?

  • izamlanyo

    Saya ingin bergabung

  • crafter✨

    I have to agree, I'd love to default mute a channel so I don't upset any users, even briefly. It just takes away an uncomfortable/awkward middle step.

  • Sal7_one

    Good enough for me Thanks @Azrael

  • Parmeggido

    @Azrael That's all well and good, but that does an entire server, not the individual channels within a server. I want that functionality expanded upon. Lets say you have a single server with people that play different games, maybe Path of Exile, World of Warcraft, and Elite Dangerous. You only have Elite Dangerous, so you don't care about the other two channels. Why can't you mute just the two channels so you're still notified when people are getting together to play Elite Dangerous, or just posting about the game? And why can't the others mute just the Elite Dangerous channel so you don't bug them? Administrator side, why can't you create, and then auto mute for new arrivals, things like channels for trash talk or channels for messing with bots? You could make private channels and have people request for the roles to see them, but that's a roundabout solution that doesn't really solve all the problems, and requires additional time for administrators that, especially in a small group, may not always be available.

  • Azrael

    First of all, you CAN mute the other channels you want to on your side. And others can mute the other channels. As for the administrator side, you are right in where there isn't any native way to auto mute specific channels on join. The role solution, in my eyes anyway, isn't really a roundabout solution but the solution, necessary that's what roles are for, roles are for specific channels, nice colors and overall coolness. As for the time reasoning, there's thousands of not that have systems where you can react or type a command for a role you want to gain access to a channel

  • Parmeggido

    For the first part, I admit, I'm an idiot and missed it. However, I still certainly believe that when a channel is created, there should be an option to auto mute it for all members and future members. And I stand by the role solution being roundabout. It requires too much extra effort for something that should be a simple toggle. I've also seen weirdness where private channels will still ping people that aren't allowed to view them, (they can see the channel exists, but aren't allowed to post in it or view the post history) although I think that was because the channel in question was poorly set up.

  • Azrael

    I mean it's really not that much effort, maybe like a minute or two tbh, and it wouldn't be a simple toggle because mutes are by user client not by overall server, you'd basically have to bake in muting channels for roles as well at that point which causes a lot of hassle for something that already has a solution built in for it.
    And yeah that channel was poorly set up

  • NikOnRampage

    How about the "private" checkbox on channel creation? Then just enable the roles you actually want to be able to see the channel and get notified by it. Am I mistaken here? Haven't heard any complains since I recreated the staff channels that way on my server.

  • Bao Anh Nguyen

    Completely agree. I have just added "owo Bot" to my server so some of my friends can play with it. However every time they post something and the bot reply, the notification explodes. For 200+ people this can be annoying. I muted the channel, but it works for me alone. It would be nice to have an option to mute for all members.

  • nuclear

    same. @discord pls add

  • sensei

    Yes, this would be super helpful!

  • Sam Hayzen

    I agree, my server has 3 channels that are incredibly bot-heavy and full of messages completely irrelevant to other users. Now, the majority of my playerbase has muted my server, and more every day.


  • SallyKRide

    Yes, 100%! I literally spam people with my music bot every day and I would love to not have to tell everyone individually to mute it.

  • metomorphose

    I have users who are not super discord (or computer) savvy and would like them to not get flooded with bot messages by default and drive them off the platform :/

  • spawnzx

    The fact you can't default mute all notifications on joining channels, nor the fact can you easily view all your channels, or even organize them into groups. Just let that sink in for a second. I literally can't even easily view every channel I'm apart of or search/interact with them all easily. I'm absolutely stunned at the incompetency of these developers. Truly speechless how the most common logical basic shit in 2019 is still missing. 



  • Kaiay

    Why this useful function still not in discord.

    For example,I opened a few text channel for each game my friends playing. And I add bots for news too.

    but if there's not Server Wide Channel Mute function, All people will receive notifications for all updates of all games,that's annoying.

  • jftactual

    This is a really important missing feature.

  • sean

    Adding my support to this one.  Bot channels have become extremely common, but they're often chatty enough that most users would want it muted.  Since some users don't know about the option to mute channels, I'd love to have certain channels muted by default, with the idea that people who care can unmute them.

  • EpiccRazor


  • Donald Duck

    Upping this


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