Convert a group DM to a new guild/server


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  • ScootsSon

    I second that emotion!

  • tej

    Please do this, I'm actually begging Discord Staff!!

  • undermaster
    If you're asking for channels on group chat, it'd lose the purpose of group chat. Just make a server
  • Suspense
    i don't see the utility
  • BrotherlyFluff

    Several people in the comments don't understand what OP (original poster) is saying. She's NOT asking to make channels in DM groups. She already has three DM groups that she made last year that are full of comments. She would love to MOVE them to a server so they would become channels in that server. I love this idea because it would preserve all the comments she has in those DM groups without having to make brand new channels in her server.

  • Suspense

    we understood 

  • BrotherlyFluff

    Suspense, the other user named undermaster did not understand. undermaster said, "If you're asking for channels on group chat, it'd lose the purpose of group chat. Just make a server" Irisla did NOT ask to make channels in a DM group. Simply making a server will not solve her problem because she wants to preserve the comments from her DM groups and move them to her server. That means undermaster's comment has nothing to do with Irisla's suggestion.

  • Brian

    Would love this. We have a group chat that started small for our Minecraft server and we want to expand it majorly without losing our chat history and notes. Being able to convert a group chat to a server would be fantastic. I’m sad to see this have negative votes at the moment. 

  • Lantizia

    Yes please, this would be an incredibly useful feature as something informal and incidental grows into something bigger.

    You want to preserve that history.

  • Leogarlian

    Definitely :)



  • Robotortoise

    I agree. Slack has this function for a channel and it would be LOVELY for Discord, and useful, I feel.

  • 34m0n McMinecraftman

    This would be super useful I agree

  • Midnitte

    This would be very helpful, please add.

  • sulmi

    Please do this.


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