Give us an apt repository? [Linux]


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  • Entropy

    Agreed, thanks for speaking up. Linux life could be made much easier.

  • TechyTrickster

    I would love a repo for Discord.  having to keep the application updated myself is sort of inconvenient.  With a repo, we'd be able to keep it updated along with everything else on our systems by simply running sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade.  it also makes installation a lot easier.  Installation and updates the linux way! 

  • Kahmlee

    What is inconvenient is that it refuse to connect if the client is not updated, something that I cannot do until repositories of the distro I use are updated with the proper package. And no, it does not support .deb packages.

    Any way to bypass the version check?

  • BillyGalbreath

    This might help. I automated the updates with this script

    It's for running Discord Canary on Debian. I just put this script at /usr/bin/discord and run it to open Discord.

    Feel free to use and modify. ^_^

  • Bleuzen

    I don't think this would help much. If they do an apt repo, they should also have a rpm and Archlinux repo (and others for other distros)... at some point this would be hard to maintain.

    The point is that there are already repos, where you get updates, which are working on nearly all distros: Flatpak and Snap.

    Just install Discord with Flatpak or Snap and you are good to go. No Apt repo needed, would be just a waste of time for the developers.

  • -1
  • triangletodd

    On Regolith (Ubuntu based), I put this in my $PATH and when Discord fails to start due to version mismatch, simply run update_discord. Snap is not a valid solution, IMHO.

  • akido_ninja

    I would love that. Just thinkng of it and checked for the availability but no.

  • TheMageKing

    I would much appreciate an APT repository for Discord, as it would make my life far easier.  You don't then need to provide perfect support for all other distros: you don't do so now, anyways.  Adding an Apt repo wouldn't require much engineering work, and would probably somwhat decrease server load.

    If that isn't an option, we would appreciate an official entry in Flathub.  There is an existing community-based entry, but it would be much appreciated if that was taken over by Discord officially. 

  • Draconicrose

    This would definitely be helpful. The way discord updates now is outdated and clunky. It should be updated via package manager like everything else.

  • KyoLikesTrees

    Discord are you ever gonna give us a ppa? What's so hard about making one if you already have a server that stores discord .deb files?

  • dolphinandcat®™©

    Bleuzen we don't want 2 package managers messing with each other's packages and possibly bricking the os. who's gonna install snap or flatpak? apt and snap don't mix well. and neither do apt and flatpak, if you have a package manager, it's a bad idea to install another and have split packages between the two because they don't interact with each other. say pkg1 depends on an old version of pkg2, if both are on apt, apt upgrade wouldn't update pkg2 because it would know that pkg1 needs the old version, if pkg1 is on snap and pkg2 is on apt, apt upgrade would update pkg2 breaking pkg1, say somehow pkg1 is part of the os kernel, and pkg2 is idk some dependency. discord had pkg1 as a dependency which is how it got on your system. then you apt upgrade and just like that your entire os stops working and since there wasn't any major kernel update, there are no recovery/backup images and you need to format the os losing most of your data and custom settings. would you like that to happen?

  • triangletodd

    That makes zero sense. Snaps are containerized and flatpak’s run in a sandbox containing all of their dependencies. It’s impossible for either of those to conflict with apt packages.

  • Draconicrose

    I'm on Linux mint which uses apt and flatpak out of the box. They are absolutely compatible because flatpak (and snaps) are sandboxed.

  • Doug B

    An official flatpak with a verified publisher mark is really what is needed. Not all distributions run systemD so snaps are not always available. Flatpak runs without a service running in the background.

  • palfrey

    FYI should solve this for folks

  • Fred

    This would be easy, and increase user security.

    Discord does many things that are hostile to user management, and make it difficult to include it on managed machines. I really don't understand why they are uniquely so difficult to work with. I mean Microsoft of all people have APT repos. 

    Come. On.

  • Markus

    +1 for an apt-repository.

  • shigazaru

    I use a PPA for discord.

    # cat /etc/apt/sources.list.d/discord-ppa.list
    deb [arch=amd64 signed-by=/usr/share/keyrings/javinator9889-ppa-keyring.gpg] public-beta main
    # apt-cache showpkg discord-ptb:amd64
    Package: discord-ptb
    0.0.76 (/var/lib/apt/lists/ppa.javinator9889.com_dists_public-beta_main_binary-amd64_Packages) (/var/lib/dpkg/status)
     Description Language: 
                     File: /var/lib/apt/lists/ppa.javinator9889.com_dists_public-beta_main_binary-amd64_Packages
                      MD5: dc48a6c0dd93c5bf26a401011c2383b3
    Reverse Depends: 
    0.0.76 - libc6 (0 (null)) libasound2 (0 (null)) libatomic1 (0 (null)) libnotify4 (0 (null)) libnspr4 (0 (null)) libnss3 (0 (null)) libstdc++6 (0 (null)) libxss1 (0 (null)) libxtst6 (0 (null)) libappindicator1 (16 (null)) libayatana-appindicator1 (0 (null)) 
    0.0.76 - 
    Reverse Provides: 
  • Melon

    Still waiting for discord to bother with this

  • Fred

    palfrey shigazaru Then you have to trust whoever puts those repos together, trust they keep with it, don't add anything, don't sell out, and don't get hacked themselfs. That's why it should be an official repository. It's easy, would keep everyone up to date, and increase people's security if Discord just did the minimum effort everyone else does, and yes, they should have rpm repos too.

    The update scripts miss the mark too, the point is to consolidate package updating so nothing is missed.

  • Chris

    I agree with the OP. I would like an Apt repo for maintaining Discord on my Ubuntu system. I understand this is painful for developers. But I'm not a Discord developer, I'm a user. For me, the easiest way to manage software is with distribution packages and the distribution package manager.

    I have too many things to worry about and keep track of as it is. I don't want to deal with Snaps and Flatpaks. I chose to run a common distribution because I want to focus on the things I need to get done and not administration.

    Thank you.

  • Fred

    Chris It's not painful for developers, it's super easy, they just don't do it.

  • TurboM.

    Bumping this thread. The unofficial PPA is less safe and slower than an official one would be, and on occasion it just doesn't work. Has also lagged behind the official release enough for me to notice on a few occasions. Please give us an official ppa, Discord 🙏


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