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  • -Yaku-

    For this i suggest that it should be possible to "pop out" some windows/features.


    Example: If you are in a voice channel then i want the option to pop it out as an extra window. So can see when poeple leave or come. I cant make the window rlly small - i only get it around 20% of my screen. Thats uncomfortable for streamers or people with many open windows. In Streamer Mode i cant hear people coming or going so i intend to see it (and no i dont was to shut down the streamer mode because i think it would be annoying to always hear the discord system sounds.

    So gaian i want to pop out the part i am using atm so its waaaay smaller, less information and all i need.

  • tinytransfem

    Yes this is something I badly need. I usually am active in two servers at once, so having a split-screen view with two channels would be really helpful. Switching back and forth after each message is kinda annoying.

  • Saddlesoap Opera

    A thousand times this, yes. I use Discord on a desktop, and this feature was the only thing keeping me using Skype at all. Now skype has killed that functionality with its HORRENDOUS new update, can Discord PLEASE introduce it? Let me pull chats out of the hub to become their own windows and I'll never use another chat app...

  • Omega Metroid

    I would suggest using the browser version, just pin as many tabs as you need.


    ...The lack of this feature in the gutted Chromium browser that is the standalone version is a big part of why I prefer the browser version.

  • DevonRey

    This is a bit of a necro but I think this is probably one of the best ideas that could be added to discord at the moment. A lot of mobile phones already support cross-app multitasking, and it would make sense that a feature akin to that allowing for participation/monitoring of multiple channels at once would be rad and useful. I'm in a DM with one person and chatting in a server at the same time, so to do both without scroll, click, type, scroll, click, type, would be a huge boon to UX

  • Zebo12345

    I really like this idea. I had come up with it myself a moment ago and before I made this post I noticed that the website identified your post as a similar idea! As a result, I will post my (crude) representation of what I think this would look like here. I originally made this for my own post, but this seems to be a much better place for it.

    The way this would function is by simply clicking and dragging a discord server from the left of the window over to the center. I have also considered having the user list on the right just show whichever server you're currently focused on, just because I think it would look better with the Discord UI.


    There is one problem I haven't quite figured out how to get around yet as far as UI goes, and that's what should happen if you click a server while you have multiple tabs open on the main screen. Normally, it just switches which chat you're looking at, but if you are looking at multiple chats, which one does it change? Just the one you are currently focused on? I think that sounds like a decent solution, albeit perhaps a little bit clunky.

    This should also be possible to do with direct messages, by the way. Being able to do it with servers is nice and all, but the main reason I would like a feature like this in the first place is because it's difficult for me to moderate a server and chat with my friends at the same time.


    Another idea I had thought of was to allow the "split" to happen vertically instead of horizontally. That would work kind of like how windows allows you to drag a window to the edge of your monitor to create a half-screen window, except in our case it's just a chat box within the discord window. This is more of a quality of life improvement to the idea I already listed. Some folks would like it, others wouldn't get any use out of it.

    I'm curious to hear others' thoughts and hopefully get some word from staff about whether this idea is viable or not.

  • Lapis L'Azuri

    Would be nice to have the option for split windows, one for the contact list, menus, whatever, and another for any chat you want active at the time. That was a given in the old skype, then they gradually abolished that feature, even if it's far better manageable. I miss it.

  • Underscore

    Hi, we definitly need this functionality for PC users?

    Something like Skype in the past 
    -comptact mode
    -Windows mode

    Really annoying to switch with the mouse all the time for private msgn différents servers, channels...
    for now the only way to have a "multi window" option, is to use navigators.

    Quite a shame when you have a pc app...

  • C4rb0n.

    Came here to suggest this exact thing. Being able to pop-out chats/servers/DM's/etc would very handy instead of having to go back and forth if your messaging multiple people as I am currently.

  • Rocks the Squirrel

    You can do that in a way if you right click a server and open it in the web browser. Then with Windows, put one on one side and an other on the other (or what ever you need 3 Or 4 windows)

  • jdxbro

    Like this:

  • rkn

    yass having the ability to do what mirc did with channels would be amaze, if integrating this, it would be much wow if channels from different servers can be setup. Maybe "pinned channels"?

  • Cloud

    Just open 2 tabs of discord.

  • Jaznime

    Technically on the pc you can your app of discord open and a browser tab both on different chats- however, it should be implemented so that we don't have to do that. Would be much more convenient. 

  • Violet

    Bumping this thread because a tab/pop-out/splitscreen view of chats would be incredibly useful in my workspace.

    Yes, you can do this within your web browser with multiple tabs, but this ends up taking up a lot of system resources and isn't necessary, it is also a mess when trying to split two discord windows on a smaller monitor.

    I am in a lot of servers and it would be nice to be able to keep up with multiple chats at the same time.

  • inverlock

    This would be ultra nice to have on discord, especially for moderation. When I'm constantly bouncing back and forth between 2 servers with multiple channels and people DMing me it gets really hectic. something like steam's individual user chat windows being an option would be really nice

  • Gen

    Very much in support of this feature!


  • PKlempe

    This! If you're server has channels for different topics and you take part in multiple discussions it can be kinda tedious to switch between them all the time. It would also make moderation a lot more comfortable.

  • MortalWombat

    It's pretty crazy that this isn't already a feature.  We just tried playing a card game using a bot, and the bot tels you your cards in DMs, but the rest of the game is going on in the chat channel.  Switching back and forth for every move makes it borderline unplayable.

  • ElaTheDeveloper

    This needs to happen, for multiple reasons.

    1. Improved user experience - having multiple chat windows open makes it easier to keep track of/talk with multiple people at once.
    2. Improved accessibility - see above but also reduces the number of steps a user needs to navigate between channels they frequent (also makes keyboard even better because of CMD/ALT+TAB, as CMD/CTRL+K isn't always the fastest way)
    3. Feature matching - Discord used to pitch with the tag line of "It's time to ditch Skype and Teamspeak". Each of these had (in some way) a way of having multiple chat windows, be it through a simple right click or a command line flag allowing multiple instances. If Discord wishes to be a true replacement, then it needs this feature. Even iMessage on macOS has this feature (and that's from a company that, even if us mac users want to deny it, doesn't go heavy on the features).
    4. Watching a screen share in a voice chat allows you to pop out the stream. IMO proof right there it can be done.

    As for implementation, here's how I'd personally go about it:

    1. Don't force it on the user - allow it to be an option you can enable or something that shows up on a hover and isn't permanently part of the UI. Even make a right click option.
    2. Make it both for servers and for channels. Imagine how useful this would be! To differentiate where you are, maybe use that huge channel header to indicate through a server name and icon and the channel name. 95% of the UI is already in place!
    3. Implement it so that chat windows "pop out" like the Twitch Chat does - a button to bring it back in (unless you hit the X/do a CMD/CTRL +W). Means that there is only ever one instance of a channel open.

    While I realise that Discord's architecture doesn't exactly make this easy (lets be honest, its essentially a single page web browser), it is implementable and would go miles to improving the user experience of the app.

    That's all from me.

  • Arrinity

    Just stopping by to bump this thread and to add that you could even make this a Nitro feature. Many of us would buy into discord Nitro for a small set of features like this to optimize heavy use of the app.

  • MisterGore

    Pls do this team! I need this so bad. The way a I do it right now is that I open up multiple windows of the browser app and use it there but thats not a good UX.

  • NiTeCr4Lr

    Please add this feature.

    It's 2020, Skype had this over 10 years ago..

    Not being able to have multiple separate DM windows open is pretty much a crazy notion for any serious multi-tasking PC user.

  • amd_64

    do want :( its very clunky to switch back and forth from dms to the main server to see who joined/messaged/whatever or to message both places at once.  I just want to even see the server I'm in while I'm also looking at/typing in dms. even that would be huge for me.

  • koko

    I particularly want this feature because I have multiple monitors. I'd like to have two windows, one monitoring general, and the other one monitoring the text voice chat while I have another monitor for playing a video game.

  • Allegretta

    Another vote for this.  I talk with family and friends on Discord whilst playing games.  It can be hard to keep up using voice for gaming but then be in multiple pms with others on text - when I can't even see them.

  • Blaisr

    +1 for this pls

  • josephyoo

    this for using bot commands while simultaneously typing in chat without bloating the messages. a workaround for this might be to allow for the different menus to be collapsible (server list, channel list, user info) like the members list. 

  • emmahyde

    Being able to pop out a text chat (which is seen in the overlay in the pin functionality, although the overlay requires that only 1 be pinned; also seen in the video pop out) would fix this entire issue, no need to implement a tabbing functionality within the application space. Being able to pop chats out would make discord the premiere chat client.

  • narigon

    I'm also suggesting this feature, this would help on big servers and especially for manual moderation.


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