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  • jimykx

    It's 2021, we really, really need this!!!!


    We def need this, and it can be a simple implementation via keyboard shortcuts or something if the concern is making the interface clunky.

    The workarounds that people have posted regarding multiple browser tabs aren't good solutions to this. There's a discord application for a reason.

    And PLEASE BRING IT TO LINUX (unlike the discord overlay :/)

  • JamesQMurphy

    +1... please add this?  Everyone else has it.

  • Altair

    I just wanna point out "Teams," MS's new discord clone, has popout windows now with a double click.

    Discord is in desperate need of this basic feature.

  • Austin

    Please for the love. Or at least let me pin DMs on the left where the server explorer bar is.

  • SteffenEB

    Yes, please.

  • FatherIndia

    Please :)

  • Brisket

    Please? This is a 3 year old request that a LOT of people want. 

  • Spider64

    I was googling something unrelated when I came across this and:

    I ABSOLUTELY NEED THIS IN MY LIFE. You have no idea how much easier it would make everything. Devs, pls take notice.

  • linthiel


    This really needs to happen, stop working on emotes for one moment, and please actually add more features that improve the experience of using chat in discord, you say you want to replace skype and whatnot, let your actions reflect that.

  • WhipJr

    Desperately need something like this.. or at the very least some way to minimize the screen space Discord takes up. pretty inconvenient to have the whole window take up an entire monitor when just the channel section would suffice when chatting. this doubles for chat windows. having a modular screen system is essential for people who multitask. full modularity is a bit excessive, but for the love of god, pop-out instances of the main uses of Discord would be great! (Voice Channels, DMs, Text Channels... etc)

  • skillz

    Why is this not a thing? I have used IRC since 1996 and it is one of the features which makes chatting on different places a joy, to be able to have several active chats in one window instead of this way which is constant clicking and just makes it down right a hassle.... i am pretty sure 99% of the people chats in more than 1 channel/server and would just add joy to everyone... I need this already, like 4 years ago :D 

  • Warlocc

    Chat programs like Skype and AOL messenger and MSN messenger and Yahoo had this feature 10 or 20 or more years ago. Why are we getting less functionality with time?

  • ElaTheDeveloper

    Returning to add: you now have threads. You have shown us multiple chat views are possible. Please just give us it!

  • hi! not to suggest i use hangouts, ever, but this would be a really good formatting as well, since you can choose the size and it gets v small. kind of disappointed that discord doesn't have it already, to be honest

  • Ricky (MXTrader)

    Discord Team - it is time to listen to people and stop just slacking around and not presenting the right tools for a lot of us gamers, traders and other people. I would not mind paying for a product that offers the right tools, there's lots of opportunities but seems it seems that there' no longer the willing to innovate. MS Teams is capturing a lot of market and its time for the Discord team to step up. 

    It's time to fire some senior executives. 

  • CaffeineOverload

    Please make this possible. It’s impossible keeping track of multiple conversations. It’s a full time job flipping back and forth between channels

  • rshenriques

    chiming to say why the hell isn't this a feature yet?! CAN THE DEVS DO SOMETHING?! 

  • WedgeStratos

    2022, chat tabs, an in-client windowing system, freaking anything that lets us more quickly work with multiple servers/channels simultaneously, be it for research or general administration. Am I expected to just staple my phone to my monitor and use that as a "second window"?

  • Ryo Satsuma

    Like other features I've begged for, this is a feature that was standard in all chat clients in the NINETIES. I don't get why Discord/Skype/etc thinks it's a great idea to remove features that help some people actually remain productive. I miss out on so many conversations because they're all hidden in these little bubbles on the left instead of being able to just exist on my desktop. I've had to do *so much* of my own work just to get Discord into the bare minimum functionality I need. Thank goodness for Firefox profiles and having the web version of Discord or else I couldn't actually do my daily business using the service.

    Let us pop out chat windows. Let us have multiple chat windows up at the same time. Let us get multiple account notifications. Please stop whatever it is that causes the app (especially the browser version) to get these super long moments where nothing happens, and no text can be added, where the whole app seems to freeze for a while (even on my high-end work pc this happens).

    Your app is only useful in that it's the most widely used one right now, not because it's *good*. Please, please add basic functionality that has existed literally since internet chat began. You -will- eventually fall to someone else if you don't figure out the problems you've created.

  • Michael George Werner

    I would like to see tabs so we can go between servers

  • Thabass

    Yeah would definitely like this feature. At least allow us to popup channel feeds even if you can't tab them. Or allow us to have chat channels side by side with other chat channels within the same server. You can currently do this with threads, but not with other channels. 

  • capanga

    Good thing, good!

  • moss-

    On desktop I can cope by using the browser, but it's not possible at all on mobile, would be amazing if they added to mobile

  • OnkelTem

    Sorry if it has already been mentioned. We need this also because of one SIMPLE IDEA.

    When you talk in multiple places, you don't know if there was an activity or not. You have only one way to know: switch there and see, which is an annoying and dumb job

    If we had tabs, we could see the activity right in their names: the amount of new message, the amount of messages with highlights etc. As simple as this.

    So please: Add The Tabs.


  • Nostrildumbass

    OnkelTem I gave up any hope of this being added and just went with BetterDiscord and ChannelTabs as these third party developers can make Discord better than Discord can.

  • Keimperauwerda

    This would be great. I was just scrolling through a channel of which I need to catch up with, with a few hundred messages that are quite detailed. But then when a friend DM's me, I don't wanna click away. So it would be great if you could drag his avatar to another part of the screen and make it pop out in a tiny window.


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