Pin a DM with someone to the top of your DM list.


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  • ⋆★ Kino ★⋆

    Please make group chats/DMs pinnable!

  • Grant

    Smart Idea Phase (:

  • vithonghcm

    I would prefer to pin my favorite DM or group chat to this area. Just one click/tap rather.

  • S0ulRaider

    I agree; DMs and DM Groups should be able to be pinned. I don't always remember someone's Discord username (most people change theirs in a server to match their in game name, etc) and I'd like to be able to easily find the DM/DM groups I care about the most.

    Please make this happen!

    @Forgi_Forgeth... You don't seem to understand what we're asking for. We don't want to pin the messages inside a DM, we want to see certain DMs at the top of our DM list all the time, rather than soley sorted by the most recent message you received.

  • TB

    I also posted about this feature, but with DM groups as well:

  • Malisent

    I actually just came to make a feedback post, but decided to add to this rather than having multiple posts going on the same topic. If you'd rather I move this to a separate topic I will. 

    What would really, really be helpful to me in addition is to have those select pinned DMs (or even channels) have the option for some sort of additional notification function that displays outside of Discord.  Something similar to a bubble like What's App in the mobile version or either chat bubbles like Google Hangouts or a separate notification tab in the taskbar. 

    I currently have a few people that I have to stay on top of constantly.  We use Discord for most things, but we don't use it for chat because we need a notification system where it's in our face, and we don't miss messages. We'd use Discord for everything and dump our IM software if we could have that functionality.


  • Miqwelli

    This is what I was just talking about to my friend! I'd very much like this request to be added and hope that it gets more votes!

  • YusufTheMalik

    Yes please.

  • Sixty8w/Thinblueline24

    GG me like 

  • YouPorker

    Can especially vouch for this when i worked using Discord for communication

  • maoman

    >Over a year and still not added
    This would be so fantastically useful and isn't even that complicated to implement. Now every time I hunt through my DMs to find my wife's DMs I'm gonna remember this post and get annoyed.

    Edit: TWO YEARS and still not added. Discord what is wrong with you?

  • DaveSenpai269

    I think this idea is great, especially for those people who have a lot of Private Messages with a lot of different people. I get a lot from a few different servers, and it would make things so much easier if I could pin certain conversations or group chats to the top of the list so it's easy to find them.

  • sd+

    I would love this feature, and was actually about to come make a suggestion to add this myself.

  • ViciousCat

    We really really need this feature! I chat a lot in the course of a day but always waiting for my two best friends to come home from work and they get easily lost in the DMs until then! Please make this happen! Even if we could just pin them to the top of the DM section is enough for me. 

  • V2Blast

    Honestly, I'm shocked this isn't already a feature.

    @Ashinaband: You can pin individual messages, but you can't pin a particular conversation/group chat to the top of your list of DM conversations.

  • Taupe

    It's a good feature, Discord can add it in a future update

  • Lisad

    +1 we use Discord for work and one important group chat just keeps getting lost between the DMs

  • Niiue

    I'm surprised this wasn't already a feature.

  • Pegasus


    Group DMs get lost when there hasn't been a new message in a while.

  • FBA

    Please make dms and group chat pinnable like Kino said above! would be awezome, can't think of anything else discord would need honestly ;)

  • Speeder323

    I do agree, it would be nice so you don't have to scroll down the list of people you have DMd until you find the one you're looking for. Yes, I know, you can use the Friend system, but wouldn't it be nicer to just go from one DM to another instead of DMs with 1 -> Friends -> DMs with 2?

  • RyanTheAllmighty

    This would be great to have. I get a bunch of DM's and unless I close all the ones I'm done with, the ones with people I want to keep open and write to quickly, I can't do this.

  • Squarto

    Great idea.

  • thomasbnt

    Pin a message and a group.

  • ko-9

    Yes please make this!

  • almostsuspense
    yes! good idea
  • evelynn_fox

    hey I'm gonna bump this post because I've been thinking recently how annoying it is that some of my best friends on Discord have been dropping lower and lower in my DM list, to the point where I'm neglecting to message them


    I'm neurodivergent and I struggle with juggling relationships, a feature like this would go a long way towards helping with that, just a list of folks I can remember to message every couple of days


    I don't need ANOTHER Discord server just for "Evelyn's Friends", this would be ideal and more intimate

  • Cheezmo

    Not to keep digging up an old thread, but this is still sorely needed.

  • lengo
    That’d be nice. Or like have a special icon and be at the top of the unread message part of the server list.
  • ♖ | Furkan
    It actually makes sense

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