no cellphone to verify


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  • LProgead

    Yes. Why not by e-mail ?

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  • Sorcerer

    i dont have a cellphone. and no, email is not an option.

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  • jc

    I don't have a cellphone either.  Unlike most, I'm not a brainless zombie staring at a cellphone every minute of the day.  I have a landline which is sufficient.  

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  • BlackDragoon

    Email works but sometime the Hamsterbot pin someone down wronfully and ask them to verify phone on this server.

    Allow Landline,
    it cannot be abused

    Bots / spambot uses VOIP, Disposable numbers etc

    Landline you can't do that, is a huge pain to change number, you must change phone service, cost money, waste time etc.

    Allow landline

    Don't allow VOIP, disposable . googlevoice etc to fight off bots

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    To anyone who says "who doesn't have a cellphone ?" [insert the rudest thing you can think about here].

    seriously, that's no way to reply to a problem. I could ask you how many times you lost a cellphone compared to how many times you've lost your computer, but I won't.

    A requirement for a cellphone is unnecessary and adds a bump for those who have one, and a wall for those who do not.  Discord needs to rethink its way. also it needs to answer those help requests.

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  • Loistava

    I would love an alternative way to be verified, please implement one! I have a cellphone through Republic Wireless and nothing else, and since they use VOIP I'm unable to use many servers at all since there is no way to prove that I am human to your system. Please add something. People don't all have landlines, either, so an alternative that doesn't involve one would be good.

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  • Justice

    Another downvote for Discord on this.




    They better be careful, has basically made a Discord 2.0 and it's far more useful from a front end user side and back end programming side.


    It is the little things like this that will literally keep people away.


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