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  • DBA_Testuser

    Totally needed for guilds and clans!

  • thunder33345

    I think it should have fine grained options,
    like sending and receiving read indicator option should be separated, and you can turn it on or off per person,
    so say only friends knows you read it, and other non friend users cant tell and cant keep annoying you

    also to be able to disable seen message by per-users regardless friend or not, for example that annoying but still friend guy

    also begin able to receive without enabling send read indicator, say as member you wanna let a staff know when you read their msg, but they dont want to let you know when they do, they should be able to read your indicator without sending theirs

  • Light

    Yeah, that also works. It can also be toggled to who sees it, like for everyone or for friends only.

  • 󠇰󠇰

    Every other software out there has the same feature but Discord is the only one that doesn't have it.

  • PhilipSuttonOz

    I strongly agree that Discord should have a 'seen/read message' feature - like fb messneger and skype.  I agree that it should be a function that can be turned on and off.  It could be turned on/off by:

    • a server owner/admin (with individuals being able to override the default [more on this in a sec])
    • an individual in a one to one Direct Message.

    A person could set a default position in their Dscord account setting (ie. seen/read indicator OFF or ON).  (Discord itself could have the function turned OFF, it it could be up to the user to turn the default to ON).

    Micro control could be organised through Member/Friend profiles (in DMs or servers):

    • If a Discord user wants to see if a server member or DM friend is reading/seeing their messages, they would go to the member/firned profile and turn ON the SHOW see/read  function
    • If a Discord user wants to stop a server member or DM friend from knowing if they are reading/seeing messages, then the user would go to the member/firned profile and turn OFF the PERMIT see/read function.

    The PERMIT setting would override the SHOW setting.



  • Chorapew

    I totally agree with the 'read/seen' thing. For me, too, is really hard to tell if someone has seen my message mainly because I get ignored all the time.

  • jacksn
    This seems useful, but should be enabled/disabled based on both an account setting and a setting per chat/server. Possibly under privacy settings? This'll probably only be feasible in group chats/DMs, though.
  • Danny

    Now people can find out whether they are being ignored or not :)

  • Chubby_Panda04

    i think you guys should add a "read" option that tells you if they have seen your message like it is on instagram or when you text someone

  • 01101110/A Void

    If this is implemented, please let me opt out.

  • Graysongdl

    If you're allowed to opt out, please make it so that, like Twitter, opting out prevents you from seeing everyone else's "read" status as well.

  • jacksn
    I'd be interested in this only if it was toggleable on a chat-by-chat basis.
  • Nickolodeon

    No. I believe this is a breach of my Privacy for others to see when I read messages. -1 Down Vote.

  • Binki

    I Totally support this feature! 

  • FastJimmy

    Yes, please implement this feature! But not just for DMs, but any chat/channel.

    I often track what messages/chats I need to respond to by if they are Read or not, yet sometimes I need to read something and think about my response and get back to them later. This means I can’t poke and read a message to see if it is an emergency without losing my primary way of tracking that I still need to respond.

    This is a desktop function (by pressing alt+left click), it would be nice to do the same with mobile.

  • Permanently deleted user


  • Blastoise186
    This could be useful for me to ensure that important messages have been noticed by the recipient. However, for user privacy I would definitely support the ability to disable them as well - some of my Servers have a lot of users and I don't always want to be spammed with DM's.
  • Bearfae

    I agree with this I'm SICK and tired of people not responding to me so I wanna know if they really saw my message or not:/

  • animal

    Yes, please! This is something I've been wanting for a while.

  • Ray~

    It would be a lot better to see this happen soon. It bothers me that I have to keep sending messages to someone knowing if they saw my message or not. I get worried that they're getting annoyed by me or ignoring me. Maybe they saw the message but they couldn't respond to it for whatever reason. It'll be easier for everyone to know if their message was read by the other person. It'll also help so you won't have to be worried about the other person if their going through a hard time. 

  • Ev1lbl0w

    This is one of the reasons why I use Discord. I'm sick of feeling pressure to answer someone or not being able to read a message because I want no notification that othres know I read it. My reason? I simply value my privacy. And I believe everyone else should value it too, but thanks to this trend I'm the weird guy that doesn't want to tell others what I read, where I am, what I'm doing...

  • Mitarka

    I disagree with this. Sometimes I can open the chat for a little bit and read less than half that was sent to me before I have to move or get back in a meeting, if such a feature is implemented the person will think I'm ignoring them making them feel bad and making things bad for me.

  • PhilipSuttonOz

    Hey Mitarka -– would you mind if Discord had a read/seen capacity but users could turn off the function.  If the function was an option then those people who want to use it could do that, and those people like yourself who don't want it could turn it off. 

  • Mitarka

    Hey PhilipSuttonOz -- see the problem still stands though. Let's say I have it off and person A has it on. Person A texts me and I read some of it but not full as mentioned above (this scenario does happen multiple times on a daily basis to me), now Person A sees a "seen" mark unknowing that I wasn't able to read all/didn't have time to respond and thinks I'm ignoring them. This is a hurtful feature. To the people that assume "I'm being ignored" I can say chill a bit give the person you texted some air, until response accept that they are busy. The "seen" will always make a person feel bad while not getting anything is to a small audience.

  • fite!

    It would only work in 1-to-1 dm's, but yes please

  • Geratius

    First of all you should type a title normally, not a "WOW! SEE MY PROPOSITION! NEW FUNCTION!". I should know something before I enter this thread. And I don't understand this idea. What "seen message"? How it works?

  • Geratius

    Now I understand and I think this is not necessary but it is only my opinion. About title I meant that you should name the thread like this "New function - message received" so everybody knows what it is about on the list of threads. It would be more accurate.

  • Hox

    Please no, there's no reason for this except vanity and invasiveness.


    If they don't respond to you, isn't that good enough?

  • nani

    This would only work in DM's, but sure, I'll upvote.

  • cakecatboy

    I don't like this kind of feature, cause it's the opposite of privacy. Besides, people on phones can read the message on their notifications without actually clicking on the window.


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