More payment methods for Nitro


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    I would like to see a debit option for payments.

  • Lover Kappa

    Okay... so, with the last mobile update, u can pay with the Google Billing, in other words... rn u can pay the nitro with paysafecard, have a good day 😄

  • Nashie_3.30am

    I don't have the option anywhere, maybe it's just not available yet for Mexico (I checked, someone had the option a year ago). It's annoying the fact there's barely anyway to pay if you're under 18 basically. A lot of us don't get any bank or credit/debit card until we are adults but we have the option to pay thanks to gift or paysafe cards. I am only able to rely on giveaways and technically begging because of the fact that I am unable to pay through anything else but paypal (bank required so debit card) or a credit card.

  • 『MalumCrypt』

    For teenagers their obviously not going to have a credit card or PayPal account, it's better for discord to allow people from IOS to pay. And you might think parents can pay for it not all trust paying online. I currently really want nitro but I cant buy it because discord does not allow currency from IOS. I hope someday they will allow it

  • hqlo_

    I know this posts over 2 years old but what about a discord wallet where the cash could be stored in for nitro? i think then you could add prepaid payment methods aswell. (Skin2Pay, Crypto Currencies, Paysafecard etc.)

  • Scrzrlツ

    Hi, you have to download discord on your phone, from there you can buy NITRO with IDEAL, so don't do it on pc


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