Owners being able to listen to chats without entering them, or entering them invisibly.


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  • marshall

    would be great


  • Lite

     Sounds good, but it would be cooler if you could set a specific role to have that permission.

  • Starfield_9
    That's just straight up horrible. How can I use a voice chat knowing that anyone can listen in? The only usage of this would be abuse from what I see.
  • Blastoise186
    Not sure how this would work personally. You can already use the Notification features to monitor one channel while talking in another.
  • TheFutureKnight
    This is more of spying, and no Discord is fine like this, spying on people is kinda dick move especially if they talk about sensitive stuff
  • ||Jojo||
    I think Discord users would prefer voice calls instead of voice channels if Discord makes spying possible for server owners.
  • Krobo
    there would be no privacy if this happens. Think about a owner abusing this power... That wouldn't be very nice
  • Exaint
    Privacy says: no.
  • PotateMan

    Honestly, I would like this as to see if im being shit-talked after I leave a discord call, but with what everyone else here has pointed out, its probably not the best idea.

  • Ares9323

    For me it's a good idea, restricted only to the server owner, I witnessed people bullying others in servers when the admin was away.

    If you want "privacy" make a private call, when you talk in a public place anyone can spy you but you talk of your business despite this..
    Furthermore you forget that an admin can read text inside a chat, so.. Where's the difference?

    It's a community not a private chat, maybe to please anyone here there should be a compromise:
    Create voice channels where the "listen to" function is enabled, and a server owner is free to create only that kind of channel in his server.

    User should be informed that this function is enabled, maybe using a different icon for these channels.

  • That would be like lying about listening to an otherwise private conversation. Pose as an outsider or acquaintance and audit the interaction.

  • Dragon's Flame

    I believe that this is a good idea.  Many people just stop being mean when someone like the owner, admin, and moderator enters.  So this could allow the owner to be able to "catch" whoever is being mean.  There is no possible way to listen in on a voice channel while not joining it.  Although this is sort of an invasion of privacy, it could be used for greater means.  If you want to talk about something that you don't want people listening in on, you could voice call in dms.

  • Pending™

    This has been abused to much 


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