Discord needs a LITE version!


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  • happydude50000

    Google for ripcord that just works and is lite version. doesn't use GPU or isn't bloated, very small and efficient. I like it. Discord just doesn't care about this kind of version and thats why the Ripcord gave birth.

  • Zombinsomniac

    Fact of the matter is, Discord USED TO BE "Discord LITE", it's why I started using it. But then the bloatware creep happened.

    I get that they want to make profit off of it, and power to them, but the current idea blows.

    Just charge for a stripped down version with no ads and no "I want to be steam when I grow up" functions. Just the chat/voice functions. And I will buy it.

  • austin

    They either need a LITE version, or they need to add options to disable things we don't use. Like disabling the store page, things like that. I am using a Surface Pro 3, and sitting IDLE with discord open makes the fan kick on. People saying "use the browser version" are annoying because it's harder and slower to navigate via the browser. The actual discord app works better for right clicking to delete or get things you need, where in the browser you can't. We need a LITE version that is just a basic text and talk app. PLEASE DISCORD.

  • doubleplanking

    The bloat is the main reason I hate Discord. A bunch of chat rooms should never use this much RAM and CPU. It's ridiculous that it even needs a splash screen.

  • Marc l'Ours

    The team speaking hamoniously wont come from discord.

  • ˢᵃᵍᵉ.тнєнσяяσя

    your systems are not "low end" a "low end" pc in 2019 should have around 8gb of ram, knowing that. a mear 800mb cap out of memory is hardly worth getting stressed over, however if your having issues with your gaming, find appearance tab and disable hardware acceleration then restart discord to remove its lag generating effect from your games. if that does not work then your cpu/mobo/ram amount in some combination render your computer out of date for modern games and not low end. sorry to be the bringer of bad news :(

  • ! Arͥeͣpͫita🌙
    🙏🏽 Apk lite for mobiles pls 🙏🏽
  • acrisis 🇧🇪

    Thing is, it is not 800 MB of RAM, it goes 1.25 1.5GB even 2GB has been reported while it should use a mere hundred or two ... and Discord does not clean its cache either. I have opted to delete Discord due to the devs failing to address rampant RAM and HDD use. 

    One's OS needs some RAM, open a mail client, open a browser, open discord ... and pretty soon one is pushing that default 4GB - 8 GB of RAM before even touching a game. 

  • animal

    Commenting for awareness

  • Slyfox

    I agree 100% with the OP.

    Discord is the superior VoIP application; however, maybe are deterred because of the intense hardware requirements to use Discord without even taking into account playing games while using the software.

    If the UI was stripped down, many of the unnecessary features such as the Home screen removed (text messaging channels could even be removed), and the client simply was only able to join existing voice channels in an existing server or call - this would be all the users would need to extremely improve the player base for those who cannot financially afford high-end PCs to be able to handle the rigors of high-end gaming and discord.

  • RyanLand

    this would certainly be useful for low end pcs. I've used a low-end pc once and discord was slow af on it. Like it took 2 seconds to load a server

  • Richie


    I actually had my head almost chopped off by a Discord fanboi when I mentioned how I read an article that revealed how Discord scans your system constantly, checking files running against a list it has, letting it know what games you're playing, so it can tell the world. And your assumptions are indeed correct; that option only hides what it finds, it does NOT stop Discord from doing it in the first place. The fanboy's defense was that Discord does not monitor anything it should not (as if he did not read the part where it scans ALL files running).

    My privacy oriented concerns aside, this is just one part of many that Discord can give us the option to truly disable, that would help lighten the load on one's system.

    And you guys are not the first ones to complain about this. I'm in a few Discord servers for minecraft players, mostly teens and younger, who's parents don't get them top-of-the-line systems, and they ALL complain about using discord's voice chat when they are playing MINECRAFT of all games, let alone other games that require more resources (and yes, their systems CAN handle games like Paladins and Dauntless easily)! Personally, I use the web browser version, and I can confirm what someone else on this thread said about it being slower as of mid 2018. There are times when the phrase "slow as molasses" does not do justice to the serious lag I get from Discord on a browser (other browser windows have no lag, so yes, it's Discord, not my browser, or my system).

    So far, the only solution we've had was to use our mobile phones to chat via the app (and even then it's tricky because not everyone has mobile phones that can handle what the Discord app has become) just so it does not lag down their/our systems when playing games together!

    Returning to a lighter version of the program would be amazing!

  • Esprit

    I use Discord through firefox, It's lighter, but push to talk don't work if tabs is not in front.
    One year and not even an answer from discord's team, I don't think they care about low PC's users...

  • B_shadow

    This is a GODSEND https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5ZgsMgOst0&t=101s

  • Mantrhax

    time to dump discord is comming

  • kevindevm

    yea this is better https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5ZgsMgOst0&t=101s

  • SerjS

    This has already high votes, and this is an amazing suggestion, why isn't still hasn't been added! We need a lite version! 797 upvotes, how many more do you need Discord to add this?

  • Torinn

    An idea. "Discord-CLI" for low-end machines and tinkerers on Win/Linux with support for ARM boards and older x86 x64 machines. Could allow for coding a custom GUI that uses Dev approved methods and  maybe aid in reducing the workload on the dev's by allowing the community a limited set of tools to aid in getting Discord to work well for those with anemic hardware.

  • kamunra01

    I've been noticing Discord having more hardware usage since a year or two, but these last months it is at its worse, in the begining of the year I played GTA V and other games with Discord open without big problems, but since some updates ago when I play GTA V wile talking to my friends in Discord I have stutters all the time and the CPU starts to suffer to load the objects and textures from the game, and Discord starts cuting people voice and crash all of a sudden, none of this happend months ago.

    We indeed need a Lite version, with all this happening I am really considering to leave Discord for some lighter app because I simply can't stant this for much longer.

    PS.: also, Discord has been crashing even when nothing else is open since last update.

  • Richie

    827 votes now. Come on Discord Staff. Stop adding stuff and ruining what was once a simple and great program/idea!

  • Serj

    Maybe Discord doesnt want to code it lol, but they will cause we will never stop suggesting this.

  • Hazel

    and for mobile too!

  • Discord is laggy as hell, me and my friends are moving to TeamSpeak, less RAM and CPU usage and more stability 

  • ЧупаЧупс

    I needs a LITE version.

  • XDminceraft

    Discord needs a LITE version or option.

    I am running Discord on a 2016-ish laptop with a Intel Pentium processor, and it consumes all of its processing power.

    Please, Discord staff, my laptop is dying.



  • Nullified Person

    this is what we need

  • 0Z3R0

    Definitely should be implemented! I hate it when my Discord takes up more than 1 GB of RAM on my 8 GB computer. 

  • F.niclvs._

    Ok so i have problems with it too, voice chat cuts in and out when playing apex, destiny 2 and the sort, i know the blame for that is mainly my i3 7100 but it really sucks, i know i should upgrade but i have to throw the whole board and ram out and get new ones too for that to happen since 7th gen intel processors are out of stock or have ridiculous prices, i haven't found an used one get , its just not an option at the time for me at least

  • Snow196883

    Yet another comment for requesting this. Really Discord, using Electron already was a bad idea. Add to this the fact they're collecting data they absolutely don't need. I really start to think about quitting Discord, they are making me sick with all those bloat stuff.

    I follow Torrin on that one, a CLI version would be awesome, but actually almost anything that is not based on Chromium would be awesome.

    All the potential options to solve this issue aren't allowed by the Discord ToS.

  • MGPlayz YT

    Please Discord we NEED THIS! The app used to be lightweight now it's just another memory hog.


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