Adjustable ZOOM for image previews.


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  • Blastoise186
    I've often come across images myself that are of various different sizes, and the Previews aren't always ideal for being able to see what's in the image without opening my web browser. to zoom in. This is something I'd happily support if it can speed up the process
  • Law
    I am the friend that my friend with the suggestion mentioned here and even if I have High - end PC that have no problems with multiple opened programs while running a performance -difficult game ,I would really love tho see this feature in action ,since that readibility and and element recognizibility is really often very insufficient in various images ,especially the small ones and I also really love to avoid running browser when it is REALLY not neccessary and this would also add some communication and discord usability swiftness. Push this forward ! Thank you.
  • Wolf Icefang

    For me, this issue rears its head most with vertical image meme.

    In Imgur, you can post an image 5 panels tall, with a bunch of text and hilarious jokes. If copied to Discord, preview mode displays the entire image, making text nearly illegible. Post into your server and see for yourself. I have a 15 inch 4k display but can't read some of this text.

    My solution would be to make images zoom by means of the scroll wheel and pan with left click and drag, zoom in and out buttons as requested in the original post, and touch screen gesture support for Windows 10.

  • Callie
    this is already a thing on mobile, on PC you have to go to a browser for it...
  • Hex

    I'd have to agree with Aqua, opening the image in a browser is basically the native download, copy, and zoom feature for Discord images.

  • axum

    Mobile needs to be fixed as well, as the zoom is capped at 200%, which makes it difficult to zoom in on large pictures. 

  • TheNSAagent

    This thread doesn't get enough attention for talking about something so vital. All too often the Imgur scenario described by Wolf Icefang comes up and all too often I've needed to open a browser or pull out my phone to zoom in. A manual zoom function inside the app itself is absolutely necessary.

    And while we're at it, increase the default zoom level to fit the screen!! There is way too much negative space around the image when you click it and it doesn't seem to be dependent on window shape or size. It's always no less than a 25% space around the image on all edges.There's nothing happening in that area anyways, so fill it with the image we all want to see.

    Might as well sneak in a personal request since it's related. Display the filename in the negative space to the right of embedded images. There is always at least a third of a screen to the right of embeds that is completely empty. Use that space.

  • Alekz

    Please make this happen. I'm OK with a default small preview size, but I hate that I can't zoom any further without opening the image in the browser.

  • Feedeo con Salsa

    Please put this on.

  • Erquint

    This should be treated as a core usability feature.

    Many of us share screenshots between varying pixel-density displays.


    Three years from first request? How is this not a thing yet?

    Isn't the whole point of running a specialized app on your machine to carry out functions and perform tasks within the app? Sharing and reviewing images has been and remains a fundamental part of my discord experience and yet, every single image I have to open in a browser to see. I have to leave the app dozens of times an hour or more. Often I get so frustrated that I stop looking at images because I would rather not leave the app and disrupt the flow state of the conversation.

  • Gammix

    Same as what has been said before:
    This feature is already on the mobile app (manual zoom control on individual images without needing to leave the app) so why is it missing on the Desktop app?
    Also increasing the max zoom from 200% to a bit higher like 300 or 400% would be nice too.

  • Ohifriend

    This would be much appreciated

  • Alexaction223

    Its been four years, can we just do this already to save me some clicks?

  • Mariusz Balon

    Please add zoom option to images inside the Windows App


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