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  • jedi3
    You can adlready do this with bots, no need to make it a direct feature in discord.
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  • megannnjay
    There are a number of bots which will allow you to pull information about accounts (Examples of such include Dyno, MEE6, Rawgoat, Gearbot, Tatsumaki, and many, many more
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  • waffles
    there are a plethera of bots that can do this
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  • Blastoise186
    There's not really much need for this feature. Aside from a number of Discord Bots that can already do this, there are Snowflake Timestamp Calculators that can also tell you the account creation date for a user. If you know how Snowflakes and UNIX Time works, you can also calculate this yourself.
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  • SnudgeLife

    Pepper pig was here!!!

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  • Alivorii

    You'll need their Discord ID then go to https://pixelatomy.com/snow-stamp/ and enter their ID

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