[FEATURE REQUEST] Minimize channel list


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  • animal

    I think this would be good, as you can already minimize the member list on the right.

  • ToRp

    already running the client at 80% and fonts on 90% :)

  • Buzzkill

    Why does the windows app not have the same functionality as the android or web app?  Shouldn't it be the other way around?

  • idonotlikepeas

    Seems like a pretty common-sense addition to the UI. There are a number of extensions that do similar things for in-browser Discord, but a lot of people would prefer to use the client (and not necessarily install userscripts themselves).

  • jenninexus

    omg please do this lol.. I just searched for 10 minutes to make sure I was posting this feature request in the right place, when I found this post. It's cool we can minimize the Channel Collections individually but I spend too much time sorting through them every morning when I get to work.

    I'd love to collapse the whole thing and expand to how I had it or, expand All. Or embed all the collections into one folder. Thx in advance if u do implement 🤗


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