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    Dabbit Prime

    For translation issues please contact support via https://dis.gd/contact. However, we're switching over to a paid translation company in the near future and all of these strings will be replaced.

  • yoshi32
    1. Übersetzungsfehler gehören hier nicht hin 2. Es ist korrekt so wie es ist.
  • Michel_0

    Thanks for your fast reply.

    But unfortunately i need to tell you, your reply wasn't helpful at all.

    You tell me translation bugs shouldn't be reported here, but you didn't tell me where they should.

    You're telling me a broken link at the discord help page is on purpose, but you didn't tell me how people should find out the information then.

    If the broken help page is on purpose, does this mean users weren't supposed to be able to find out how to report bugs?

    We're shouldn't report bugs? Is that what you want to tell me?

  • yoshi32
    For the translation issue join the server "discord-testers" you should also report the broken link there.
  • yoshi32
    and not the broken link is on purpose, the word "nerfen" is.

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