Hide Bots from Members List


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  • phencyclidine father
    My question is why would you like your bot to work in the background ?
  • zariem

    If you coded your own bot, you can do that by setting his status to invisible. That will show your bot as offline. On large servers where offline members are hidden, this would effectively hide your bot in the user list. Otherwise it would just make your bot pop into the offline list.

    To make the bot appear offline, use bot.user.setStatus('invisible') where bot is your Discord.Client()
    You can for example invoke this in bot.on('ready', ...) so that he turns invisible on startup, and then he'd be invisible after you restart the bot. You could also implement commands that turn him invisible.

    I cannot say the same of global and publicly available bots. The online status is over all servers, and you changing it would change it on all the servers this bot is on, but from your question I assume that you talk about custom bots that are made for a server specifically.

  • chit-talk-justin

    I found an easy fix for this, FYI.

    Emojis are alphabetically after Z in Discord, so you can change your bot's nickname to start with an emoji (for example, I use 🤖) and then it will simply drop the bot down to the bottom of the ONLINE list.

  • ⎛⎝Mynamesticksout⎠⎞

    I understand what you are saying, and I agree. I manage a discord server for a youtuber and I want to keep a bot private so it can only be seen by members.



  • great01h

    what do you mean "server settings"? overview, roles emoji, etc?

  • M5 Multitronic

    If one could hide the bot from the member list, then the members would be less likely to all ask at once "what is that widget bot thing?"

  • Toucan

    I'd say hiding the bots from the online list is worth it. Once you're over 100 members they're hidden anyway, but is there a reason to see them? Most bots act autonomously or are interacted with via chat.

    It's important to know they're there though.

    Maybe they could be moved from the normal online user list into their own icon at the top of the chat pane?

    Somewhere on the right perhaps? Friendly little robot icon next to the bell? If Discord thinks people will see/review pinned messages from the pin icon, then I don't think it'd be unreasonable to move the list of bots to their own UI element around the same area. Admins/users can still find them if they need to kick or message and they don't take up my sweet sweet UI space in the user list.

    Also for servers over 100 members it would be easier to find the [Bot]s in the server if one of the moderators needs to message it directly.

  • theRealK2346

    how do u make them go invis

  • Geldon

    Another option is to make the bot unable to view the channels it doesnt need access to, this way it won't appear in the users list when viewing that channel. Of course this won't work for a lot of bots, but it can still help declutter significantly and keep bot spam in bot spam channels.

  • TheCJ174

    And how exacly would one make a bot not view a specific channel? I'm assuming you mean with owned bots that you can code this specifically, similarly to what was mentioned above about making them invisible on status?


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