A notification option which normally acts like 'mentions only' but temporarily switches to 'all messages' if you are active in the channel or server.


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  • Bad Touch

    Flexibility and fuzzy logic is always appreciated if it's optioned.

  • devine

    I would love to see this implemented.  Such an elegant solution.

  • Jump

    A perfect solution to a real issue. It's difficult to multitask and carry on a conversation in Discord without turning on notifications, and more options to automate something most people do manually is always appreciated.

    I think the sweet spot for notifications is 10 minutes of notifying for every message (by default, there could be a slider for longer or shorter) or next message regardless of time. This should be able to be changed per server.

    There should also be a text indicator below the text input field in a similar place to the slow mode timer, e.g. "Active for 10 more minutes"


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