"personal pins" idea


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  • Hyproxy ♤

    Ignore everything I say here

  • Niyeban

    There. Omitted. :slight_smile:

  • Max S

    this would be an amazing feature, could be really useful

  • Zacatero
    how would this be different from just pinning messages like you could do already?
  • Exaint
    If you have the permissions for it, you can already pin messages to the channel, where it was posted.
  • Candei!

    I think they mean a "personal pin" that you can keep without actually adding a pin to the list

  • Geratius

    Sorry for bad title. I meant starring messages for myself. Not to pin on the channel.

  • Hugo

    i think it was in older ver. :(

  • Zacatero
    I like the concept, although I don't understand the difference between this and just pinning the first message so they can get back to the top of that section.
  • betty

    the difference is that you could save messages from any server to a list that only you can see. i often want to refer back to posts in servers where i don't have permissions to pin, posts that don't need to be pinned in the server for general use, or both. on slack you can star items, on forums you can generally bookmark the exact post you want, but on discord i end up screenshotting and then later having to scroll around to try to find things again.

  • crazyshoota

    that is a bloody brilliant idea man

  • Frosty
    Aww yeah. It should be added
  • ValheruWolf

    So a bookmark function basically?  Would call it that,  Pin sets it up in the chat for the group, bookmark of a message for personal use.

  • muad'Dib

    x1000   personal pins/bookmarks.    Could be per server or just an overall list that will take you to the server and the message.    I want to save a post of series of posts, for personal consumption not for the server.

  • Sixty8w/Thinblueline24

    GG me like 

  • Noah
    I never thought of this, but it would be awesome!
  • Avnior

    For those still confused...

    So when someone pins a message in a channel, everyone can see that message and can instantly jump to it, ect.

    This idea is best suited for when you don't have permissions to pin to that list. So pretty much any server that you don't run or moderate, which for most of us is the majority of our servers.

    The idea is to have a separate, but similar, pins list for yourself. Where you can select messages that you deem important and want to come back to at some point or even regularly. "Pin" those messages to your personal list. So that way, you can still come back to it when you need it, but it doesn't interfere with anyone else.

    The best example that I can think of for this happened to me just recently.
    So an important announcement with some dates and other information got posted in a channel that has a lot of chat. So this important announcement got pushed aside really quickly. Everyone knew about the announcement and the dates were only a couple days later, so it never got pinned by someone who has permissions for that. However, during those couple days, I wanted to go back to read this message for some of the specifics. I tried using the search function, but it never found the message. So I just consented and spent several minutes scrolling furiously while very quickly skimming the messages for the one specific announcement. (For those who have never tried this, it's really annoying)

    It would have been nice to just bookmark it or pin it to a personal list (or whatever you want to call it) so that it could have been in an easy to get spot every time I needed it.

  • Lucidarior

    So far there seem to be "favorites" as a new feature on discord ...while I heard that in chats with friends (when not being at a server), he can't see what post of the converation you'd pin, still there's that "user pinned a new post"-hint. is there a way to hide it for myself and optionally an additional checkbox (or something similar) to either let the other user see or hide it for that user too?

    Sharing these "personal pins" would be a nice option in conversation outside of servers. Maybe also a general menu for converation between users when being outside of servers and specific options for each conversation would be cool.

  • whitemonkey

    Yes, this would be amazing! This is what iIm searching the internet for right now.

    Very often a good conversation comes up amidst the typical shitposting and i would love to be able to bookmark that section, or the beginning of that section, and be able to label it.

    For example, if there's a conversation that happens about loans and entrepreneurship, I could mark it (basically pinning, I think) but also add the label "loans and entrepreneurship" and then have access to the bookmarks specific to each server. Each server would have its own list of bookmarks but would also have an "All" function in case I couldn't remember which server it was. This list could drop down on top of the members list when I clicked a star icon in the top right next to the search bar and mentions icon.

    How to make this happen??

  • AccidentChild

    Just discussed this in a server. This on mobile would be very useful for my community.


    And if it's nitro for mobile. You just got a sale.


  • DumbLilChicken

    If i dont own or run a server i cant pin things but there are many times where i need to save a conversation or some kind of important information and personal pins would be fantastic. ive brought it up a couple of times.


  • shard
    I can say having like button for your own pins is good but what if you moderate a server and then want to pin a message for the entire server what will you do?
  • Karate Wumpus
    Now, i have this little photo i made by myself just to see, if it something like this that you mean? https://ibb.co/VLmw7DC
  • therixn

    Good idea!

  • thetechguy
    this would be a great new feature. discord please add this
  • richard

    Personal Pins.

  • charitwo
    Seems okay.
  • Luos - Yoeri Vleer

    yes please.
    As an avid user of many gamedev related groups (and administrating some) being able to pin personally interesting things can be quite a helpful tool.

    Even more so if we could share these "lists" :)

  • Cub

    Yes please

  • alibabah



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