Sugestao/Botao de ligar e desligar verificaçao por IP e por 2 Etapas!!


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  • ||Jojo||
    you could create an account without email address
  • אולי
    I just want to disconnect the IP verification, but apparently it is impossible, just to know that I have to trigger a worse one, even if it is two-step authentication, it really will not! The respondents informed me by e-mail that this option to turn off the IP verification is not possible, see the answer below: "As *Fulanda* has already reported, there is no way to turn off IP verification, but you can enable 2-step authentication to prevent it from receiving such emails. At that time, the only other option would be to use a stable IP." Then I give a suggestion that put an easy access button to turn off Verification by IP and also the two-step authentication in the Discord application as well as in the PC program and *Navegdor* if possible, because it is also convenient to connect disconnect, after all if the user does not like at least you can disconnect without breaking the head and it is easy to access !!

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