Ability to search messages from a mentioned role


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  • OikawaToYou

    Agree. We need that.

  • Ryuusei / Saruhiko

    I can't believe search for role mention wasn't a thing until I actually tried to do one.

    For servers that actually have admins/moderators, and they get mentioned here and there, it would be nice to actually be able to search for those mentions because it's never just 1 or 2 person as an admin/mod. And often times, recent mention list just doesn't go back far enough, or we want to look for one further back than what's listed in recent mentions as well.

    One server I'm in is for the fans of this one webnovel. Our readers are just so good at finding small grammar mistakes so we have a role to mention to point them out. The author isn't always around (as expected), so having him be able to go through all of those would be nice (sometimes he can't check often and recent mention just doesn't go far enough).

    So PLEASE make "search: mention: role" a thing!

  • Tarwen

    I really hope this is implemented. A server that started off small wasnt an issue but we're now at the point where not being able to search for role mentions is really making things difficult!

  • D3matt

    Seriously though how is this not a thing?? I've never wanted to search for posts that mention me. I've definitely wanted to search for mentions of a specific role.

  • ConverseFox

    You actually can search for mentioned roles. Just search "<@&RoleID>" The Role ID is all numbers and not the name. If you don't know how to get it, enable developer mode, then right click the role and choose 'Copy ID'

    If you're a server owner or moderator, then it can also be hard to search through if you have a bot that posts log messages with role tags or IDs in them.

  • H3mispher3

    You can actually search for roles using role IDs, but I can't find how to search for @here/@everyone pings, if it's not a feature yet I'd love it to be implemented


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